Peaches Of Immortality

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Ariel Seolla, level 8 human duskblade
Rodur Ogrecrusher, level 7 dwarven warblade
Damien Redd, level 7 raccoonfolk rogue/swashbuckler
Seren Arc of the Platinum Flame, level 10 dragontouched human sorcerer/initiate of the sevenfold veil
Lord Stanford Mordeval, level 9 changeling wizard/master specialist (necromancer)
Victor Silas, level 7 offworlder human warlock

2 giant crocodiles (CR 4 each, 6 total)
3 dark trees (CR 7 each, CR 10 total - Source: Monsters of Faerun pg. 31)
12-headed hydra (CR 11)

Rodur, Damien, Victor: 2,684 xp for each
Ariel: 2,200 xp
Lord Stanford: 1,725 xp
Seren: 1,375 xp

3,825 gp for each
Peach brandy of immortality (9 doses - halts the aging of the user, but does not restore youth)
Enough giant crocodile hide for armor or clothing, as desired

Quest Summary:
The party was hired by a very elderly wizard women who wanted the peaches of immortality said to be hidden in a sunken temple in the Sorrowswamp of Autumn Land. She was willing to pay a substantial fee for this, even if the peaches turned out not to work - it was a chance, and she had little left to lose, old and frail as she was. THe party made the trip to the swamp, and soon began to wade into the murk. After fighting their way through some of the local wildlife that wanted to get better acquainted, the party found the temple, mostly fallen into the depths. But enough of its interior remained above the water to allow the party to enter, and find several casks of peach brandy, made from the peaches of immortality before the tree was lost forever, sunken into the swamp. But in order to claim these casks, the party had to fight their way in past three dark trees, and then out past a vicious pyrohydra.

Inside of the temple, the tree that grew the peaches of immortality was there - dried into a withered husk. But hidden within its base was a sprout, just starting to grow into a new tree.

The old wizard woman was disappointed that the peach brandy only froze her age where it was, but was grateful for the chance, at least, to wait and see what might come when the tree of immortality matured once more.

XP and REP Awarded by Scathien