Penskalion And The Spiderweb Man

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Kaellack, level 8 human rogue/swordsage/shadowlord
Darrion, level 9 baagh ranger
Cordelia, level 7 elf cloistered cleric
Olivia, level 11 changeling psion/psion uncarnate
Belle Hibiki, level 8 human monk/ardent

Arrow-shooting angel statues (CR 3)
Fireplace firetrap (CR 3)
Level 10 wizard (CR 10)
2 web golems (CR 7 each, CR 9 total)

Cordelia: 2,100 xp
Kaellack: 1,480 xp
Belle: 1,680 xp
Darrion: 1,350 xp
Olivia: 570 xp

Olivia and Kaellack have -200 experience for using psionics to bring Kaellack back.

3,090 gp for each

Plus 1,000 gp for each, from the sale of the Penskalion estate.

Quest Summary:
Penskalion the wizard, a person that Darrion knew from his youth (decided at the start by the party, for plot purposes) was recently killed, as evidenced by the sudden demise of his familiar after delivering a message telling of his fears for his safety, and warning of the Spiderweb Man. Darrion and company arrived in Nemminus, in the Council of Wands, by ship a week later, and discovered, from Aldershot Samuel, Penskalion's lawyer, that the whole estate had immediately locked up, to keep his killer from escaping - Penskalion was rather paranoid in his later years. After getting a master keyring from Aldershot, the party explored the wizard's estate, finding first the wizard (and a nasty trap), avoiding a fireburst trap in the process, and then running into the Spiderweb Man's helpers - a pair of web golems! After besting these golems, the party met the Spiderweb Man, an albino drow with a network of black spiderweb markings all over his body. After a terrible but short battle, in which Kaellack was hit by a death spell and killed, the party overcame their foe, and brought back Kaellack from the dead.