Phase Spider Cider

Phase Spider Cider is a hard cider ideal for consumption on a quiet afternoon in the pub or a night in the club mixed as part of a Bloody Axe. Phase Spiders are magical beasts native to the ethereal plane, who suddenly "phase" into the material plan to attack other creatures as prey. The Phase Spider is not a web spinner, but like all spiders it is still capable of producing silk. This silk is infused with some of their innate magic, which goes right into every bottle of Phase Spider Cider. Activated by alchemical compounds, the alcohol phases out of the drinkers blood into the ethereal plane. You can get drunk off your face, but bounce right back by the end of the evening -no worries about waking up in strange places or a headache in the morning.

(WARNING: A small percentage (approx 5%) of comsumers may experience the effects of an unexpected Baleful Blink anywhere from 4-8 hours after consumption. Episodes may last from a few seconds up to a full minute and several may be experienced. It is advised you not drive carts, ride horses, or operate heavy machinery due to potential loss of control and endangerment to others. Women who are pregnant or may be pregnant should not consume alcohol due to risk of birth defect. Women who are pregnant or may be pregnant should not consume Phase Spider Cider specifically due to risk that mothers may become ethereal while their child may not. Please enjoy responsibly.)