Pools Of Frozen Souls And Everflames

Anywhere gates to the elemental plane of water have long remained open long enough,usually centuries a Pool of Frozen Souls might form. These pools always form within or near a large body of water, and while their waters are not magical, draining them will destroy them-making it one of the more easily destroyed places of power. The temperature in and around it is shockingly cold, and yet the waters never freeze. An ordinary man would surely die were he to enter the pool, but one of sufficient hardiness that can prove themselves by withstanding its abyssal chill without magical means will gain an innate resistance to cold of all kinds. It is believed that some of these gates exist on islands in Panoceana or in underwater caverns or grottoes that had undersea gates nearby.

An Everflame is a similar anomaly that might occur where there have been long standing gates to the elemental plane of fire, and might be used in a similar way, granting power to those who can brave the pain of the searing flames without magical protection. Both grant their powers to up to five individuals a year, lasting a year for each. Big Smoke Island in the lands of Hydra is known to have several planar breakthroughs, and so an Everflame might exist there.