Post Hate

Post Hate

DM Name: Karrius


Rallon, Halfling Wizard 1
Faithen Da'Rou, Human Fighter 2
Brian Love, Bestfolk Bard 3
Layla Merle, Changeling Wizard 4


Social Encounter, CR 2
4x Rogue1/Warrior2


All: 750 XP


All: 850 gp, 1x Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds

Quest Summary:

Following a summons by The Post, the group meet with Liratha Rider, the old elven woman who ran the office. The excitable woman had an easy task for the group; The Post had a need rider for work outside the city, and he needed to be tested, to ensure he had enough "guts". They were to disguise themselves as bandits, wait by the side of the road outside the city, and attempt to scare the rider on his path.

The group headed to the ambush spot, dressed up as bandits, and proceeded to scare the crap out of the mailboy. They knocked him out with magic, taking the letters, figuring that if they left an obvious trail and he came for them, then he had "guts". On the way back to Avalon, the group was stopped by REAL bandits, who were quickly dispatched without issue. After killing the bandits, the mailboy returned, awkwardly attacking Brian with a club - failing to do any damage, he snagged the mailbag, and his horse, making a hasty (if allowed) escape. Heading back, the group gave their report, and accepted their reward.

Exp awarded by Jennibear