Power Thief

Telepathy (Compulsion) [Mind-Affecting]
Level: Consumption 7
Display: Mental
Manifesting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Close (25 ft. + 5ft/2 levels)
Target: One creature
Duration: Instantaneous; see below
Saving Throw: Will negates
Power Resistance: Yes
Power Points: 13

You reach into a psionics-using creature's mind and extract the knowledge of one of its available powers.

When you use this power, you steal one of the subject creature's available powers, but you must use it quickly or lose it. If the target fails its save, you gain the use of one of its powers, and it loses power points equal to its manifester level minus 2. You must then activate the stolen power before the end of your next turn, or it fades away and is lost to you. The subject regains the stolen power after 1 minute.
The level of the stolen powers is one level lower thean the highest level of power the target knows. For example, you steal a 5th level power from an 11th-level psion. THe specific power stolen is determined randomly. you can manifest the power once as a psi-like ability

Augment: For every additional power point you spend, you can retain the stolen power for 1 additional round before you must use it or lose access to it.