Prestige Classes

Approved Prestige Classes

PrCs are now open for LIMITED APPROVAL!

Abjurant Champion arcane combat
Archmage arcane
Assassin arcane combat
Avalonian Griffonrider combat
Battlesmith battlesmith combat
Bloodclaw Master combat
Champion of Gwynharwyf combat divine
Child of Night arcane divine
Cragtop Archer combat
Crystal Master psionic
Deepwarden combat
Deepwood Sniper combat
Demonbinder arcane divine
Dirgesinger arcane
Divine Disciple divine
Divine Oracle arcane divine
Dragonheart Mage arcane
Dread Witch arcane
Drunken Master combat
Dweomerkeeper divine
Ectopic Adept psionic
Elemental Savant arcane
Enlightened Spirit arcane
Exotic Weapon Master combat
Frenzied Berserker combat
Geomancer arcane divine
Gray Guard combat divine
Hellfire Warlock arcane
Hierophant divine
Holt Warden divine
Illithid Slayer psionic
Initiate of the Draconic Mysteries combat
Initiate of the Sevenfold Veil arcane
Justice of Weald and Woe combat
Kensai combat
Loremaster arcane
Lyric Thaumaturge arcane
Mage of the Arcane Order arcane
Malconvoker arcane divine
Master of Radiance divine
Master of Shrouds divine
Master Specialist arcane
Master Thrower combat
Mindbender arcane
Mithrandir (Grey Pilgrim) arcane
Nightmare Spinner arcane
Ordained Champion combat divine
Planeshifter arcane
Possessed Mind psionic
Psion Uncarnate psionic
Pyrokineticist psionic
Radiant Servant divine
Runescarred Berserker combat divine
Sacred Fist combat divine
Sangehirn healer psion
Seeker of Song arcane
Shadowbane Stalker combat divine
Shadowdancer combat
Shadowlord combat
Shadowspy divine
Shou Disciple combat
Soulbow combat psionic
Sublime Chord arcane
Swiftblade arcane combat
Tattooed Monk combat
Troubador of Stars arcane
Uncanny Trickster combat
Vassal Of Bahamut combat divine
Virtuoso arcane
Wild Plains Outrider combat

Proposed Prestige Classes

Dungeon Lord (from Dungeonscape p. 108)
(Note-this class originally had as a bonus feat upon completion at 5th level, "Leadership". This was removed, but all other class features are retained. Classification of this PrC would not be "Arcane", "Combat", or "Divine" but rather "Special". Since we are now open to progression past level 20th I would like to take this PrC at level 21st -Sorrowdusk)

Bloodstorm Blade
Invisible Blade (Being refluffed for the setting)
Cavalier (Unfinished)
Ruby Knight Vindicator Posted for review by staff, deity required removed until a time when story elements become public knowledge.
Dervish The page needs some clean up and a pic, sorry

Denied Prestige Classes

Home brewed
Prestige classes which grant dual caster class progression will not be approved.
Planar Shepherd (Faiths of Eberron)
Sanctified One (Complete Champion) Pending major revision
Dragon Devotee (We have enough dragon based PrC's and dragons are supposed to be rare in this setting)
Dragon Disciple (Same as above)
Warshaper (Too Powerful)
Metamind (Too Powerful, denied previously)