Protection Racket

DM: Dallys


Inara, Level 3 Human Paladin
Alieena, Level 3 Half-Elf Witch (Wizard)
Vladilena, Level 5 Halfling Barbarian/Fighter/Warblade
Kaotaka, Level 3 Beastfolk Swordsage/Barbarian
Krugash, Level 3 Grey Orc Druid
Shiari, Level 4 Beastfolk Ranger

Level 5 Human Knight (CR 5)
Level 3 Human Cleric (CR 3)
Level 3 Human Fighter (CR 3)
Level 3 Human Wizard (CR 3)
Level 3 Human Swordsage (CR 3)
(One EL 8 Encounter)

750 xp for Vladilena
800 xp for Shiari
900 xp for Inara, Alieena, Kaotaka and Krugash.

850 Gold pieces for each Participant.
650 Gold and 1 first and 1 second level spell for Alieena.
650 Gold and a Heavy Warhorse for Inara


The party was called to the aid of another outlying town, Wilfor's Glenn. The town was being plagued by another adventuring parting, forcing the townsfolk to give money and goods to them in return for "protection" from anything that might happen to the quiet logging community. After vanquishing the evil party, the PC's were heartily thanked and given the money that the evil adventurers had taken as a reward.