Pumpkins N Goblins

DM Name: Scaly

Sira, Level 1 Human Fighter
Aeschwine, Level 1, Beastfolk Barbarian
Remhoraz, Level 2 Foxkin Conjurer2
Zamiera, Level 1 Wolfen Druid

15 Goblin Raiders
1 CR4 Custom: The Prize Winning Pumpkin
1 CR3 Goblin Taintshaman


600 Gold each and 5 Hefner Farm Portable Pies.
The Portable Pie is a halfling drink flavored like various sorts of pie with alcoholic and healing qualities. 1d8+1 hp per Pie and a DC12 Fort Save to avoid Intoxication

Quest Summary:
The party found themselves at a Halfling Pie Stand, where they acquired some refreshment and were regaled with a tale of woe by the distraught wife of the owner. The PCs, having no love for the goblins blamed for the disaster, made their way to the Hefner Pie farm outside of town with Pie, Blood and more Pie on their minds.
They quickly sprung the goblin trap in the farmhouse, and battled the entire warband that had moved into the place, decimating all but one with no serious injuries taken by the party. One goblin managed to flee to warn the Shaman leader in the back yard, who made his preparations and soon battled the PC party whilst riding upon a massive animated Prize Winning Pumpking like some kind of vile chariot. The party, however, through clever use of spells and strength of perseverence through arms won through the vine creature's strangling attacks and chopped it down to lay low its twisted Goblin master.