A: Appearance
1) Describe yourself as someone meeting you for the first time would see you. (Race?, Gender?, Age?, Size? Coloration? Attractiveness?, Dress? Do you try to emphasize or hide any of these features?)
2) What other details would someone notice on a closer look? (Distinguishing marks, birthmarks, scars, etc?)
3) Do you have a distinctive way of speaking or any other mannerisms or memorable behavior?

B: Birth and Family
1) Where and when were you born? (Also good to include: Do you know your exact birthdate? Did anything unusual (storms, accidents, deaths, etc?) happen about the same time, with which some people might still associate your birthdate?)
2) Who are your parents? (Names, Occupations, Social class, Were they married?, Are they still alive? are all good things to include)
3) Do you have any siblings? (If so, it would be good to describe them as you did your parents above.)
4) Do you know any members of your extended family? (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins? Also would be good to describe them as above)
5) How did you get along with your family?

C: Education and Work
1) Did you serve an apprenticeship in order to learn your current profession/class? For how long?
2) If you were not an apprentice, how did you learn your trade/skills/ect? Formal schooling? Informal Teachers? Self-Taught?
3) Who was your master or teacher? (Race? Gender? Appearance? Personality?) Is he/she still alive? How were you treated? Are/Were you on good terms with your master?
4) Did your teacher have any other apprentices or students? Who were they? Did you get along?
5) Due to the rarity of literacy in this setting, how important are books, writings, letters, ect. to your character? Regardless as to whether or not he/she can read?
6) Do you have a job other than "adventurer"? Who do you work for? How much of your time does this require?

D: Friends
1) Who were your friends as a child? As an adolescent? As an adult?
2) How many of these people are still alive? How many are you still friends with?
3) Who is/was your best friend? What is the most memorable thing that the two of you ever did together?
4) What do you look for in a friend?
5) Have you ever been in love? Was it reciprocated? Do you have (or have you had) a boy-/girlfriend, a lover, or a spouse? More than one? Are you looking for one? What do you look for in a romantic partner?

E: Attitudes and Beliefs
1) What are your beliefs about religion and the afterlife? Do you follow any particular god or gods? What appeals to you most about this religion? Least?
2) Where do spirits of nature, the elements and the dead fit into these beliefs?
3) What gods, religions, or priesthoods will you have nothing to do with?
4) What is your moral code? Under what conditions will you kill? Steal? Lie? Do you have a personal code of behavior about violence? Magic? Sex? Dealing with Evil Beings?
5) How committed are you to seeing through something (a task, quest, bargain, etc) that you have started?
6) How important are the following to you?: Power, Wealth, Fame, Honor, Family, Friends, Love, Knowledge, Religion, Your job? To what lengths would you go to acquire or preserve these things?
7) How often do you remember your dreams? How much attention do you pay to them? Do they inspire you? Guide you? Inspire You? Warn you? Frighten You?
8) What is your attitude towards magic? People who use it? Fearsome monsters? The unknown in general?

F: Edges and Flaws
1) What are you especially good at? What sets you apart from the rest of the world? A skill? An unusual knack? A certain flair of style or wit?
2) What flaws do you have? Bad habits? Obsessions? Terrible (or embarrassing) secrets?
3) Do you have any enemies? How much trouble do those conflicts cause you?

G: Likes and Dislikes
1) What do you love? (People? Places? Creatures? Kinds of Food? Activities? Subjects?)
2) What do you hate? How do you typically react to these hated things?
3) What do you fear? What is your worst nightmare?

H: Miscellaneous
1) Describe your first encounter with a nonhuman monster. (Not counting player races, animals, etc that you grew up with, but feel free to mention them too)
2) If you are a spellcaster, describe your first experience with using magic. What were the circumstances? Were you expecting it?
3) If you have an animal companion or familiar, describe how you acquired it. Describe this ally's personality, and its attitude towards you. (Loyal unto death, mischievous, lazy, etc)
4) If you have any unusual possessions, describe how you acquired them. Is their value practical, monetary, sentimental or some combination of these?
5) Please describe your characters general background, this may be any length you wish, but at least one paragraph. You may use any or all of the information above, or new information not covered. (Encouraged)