The All-Seeing, Lord of the Skies

Symbol: Solar disk with a single piercing hawk’s eye in the middle and peacock feathers radiating outwards instead of sun rays
Home Plane: Bytopia
Alignment: Lawful Good
Portfolio: Hawkblood birdfolk, nobility and royalty, sky, sun, supreme vengeance
Worshipers: Birdfolk, lawful good societies, crusaders and paladins
Cleric Alignments: LG, LN, NG
Domains: Fire, Law, Good, Sky, Sun, Windstorm
Favored Weapon: Longbow

Ra is the patron of the Hawkblood birdfolk, and watches over their mountain cities from his view through the sun. He glories in light and the prosperity of his people, and is a champion of all the oppressed, especially those trapped upon the ground. He appears as a bronze-skinned humanoid with the head and wings of a great eagle with shining golden feathers and a radiant peacock’s tail decorated with living gemstones that reflect his glorious light in a rainbow of dazzling colors.

Followers of Ra must be champions of justice, taking no side with evil (always called ‘darkness’ by Ra and his worshipers) and always exemplifying the bold, glorious light of truth and justice. Secrets and shadows are for liars and cheats, and neither are to be allowed , openness and honesty being key virtues. Ra is the divine ruler of all birdfolk, no matter where they may be, though his favored children are the hawkblood birdfolk, and he pours out his blessings upon them, helping them to rule with wisdom and justice.

All cities of the birdfolk are ruled by a king who is also a high priest of Ra, so that the god can have direct sway in all matters that take place. The roofless palace in the heart of every great birdfolk cities is also a temple to Ra, and gold, the sun metal, is the favored decoration.