Raque The Demon Lion

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Galen, level 10 human monk/drunken master
Sentrosi, level 9 human sorcerer
Tialys, level 9 high elf sorcerer
Colt, level 6 equitra fighter (xp as level 8 character)
Darrion, level 9 baagh ranger

1 lionish rakshasa (CR 10)
4 minotaurs (CR 4 each, CR 8 total)
1 large water elemental as lookout (CR 7, avoided)

Galen: 1,300 xp
Sentrosi, Tialys, Darrion: 1,440 xp for each
Colt: 1,760 xp

3,540 gp for each
torc of displacement (2,000 gp, MIC pg. 143 for full details)
brute ring (2,300 gp, MIC pg. 83 for full details)
silkslick belt (2,000 gp, MIC pg. 136 for full details)
ring of silent spells (2,000 gp, MIC pg. 127 for full details)
amulet of teamwork (2,000 gp, MIC pg. 70 for full details)

Quest Summary:
The servant of a sultan of Crescent came to the party pleading for help. The sultan's daughter was kidnapped by Raque, the Demon Lion (a lion-themed rakshasa), and the party was hired to go and rescue him. After being teleported over by a hired service, the party set to tracking the beast and his caravan, which was traveling quite light and fast at that time. They carefully infiltrated the camp after catching up, posing as slavers while Darrion searched, invisible, for the sultan's daughter. They eventually all managed to make their way into the inner harem of the Demon Lion, and then bluffed the minotaur guards into stalling long enough for Darrion to get the harem slaves out, and the party to decimate the guards before they faced the Demon Lion himself.