Ravidous House

Ravidous House

DM Name: Karrius


Lucius / Beastfolk Fox / Level 6 Paladin
Gram Chandler / Mouseling / Rogue 1, Paladin 4 / Level 5
Nox / Beastfolk(Ragemonger) / Knight/Fighter/Psychic Warrior / level 5
Rosalyn Aglaie / Human, Half fae / Cleric / 5 including LA
Fei Yen Wong / Human, Offworlder / Level 7 Warblade

Challenges (Please list each encounter separately in the following format):

1 Large Animated Stove CR 4
1 Large Animated Door CR 3
2 Cutlery Swarms, CR 2

1 Gargantuan Animated Statue, CR 7

1 Ravid, CR 5


Gram: 1350 XP
Nox: 1350 XP
Rosalyn: 1350 XP
Lucius: 1170 XP
Fei Yen: 945 XP


Each: 2070 gp, Two potions of Cure Serious Wounds

Quest Summary:

The party was called for by Master Razalus, a famous crafter of planar goods in the city. The old man was quite alarmed, and explained to the group that his house had tried to kill him - first, the bedsheets, and then his fork when he went to eat breakfast. A bit dubious as to the old man's sanity, the party nonetheless agreed to clear his house out. Heading there, Sir Nox immediately tried to go through the front door, only to have it smack him in the face. As the party entered, the front door slammed behind them. They proceeded into the kitchen, where they were attacked by an army of silverware, and the stove came to life. Forcing the stove shut, and scattering the silverware, the party smashed their way out of the kitchen and headed to the workshop. There, they found it a complete and utter mess - but searching turned up a book that was given to Rosalyn to look over, pertaining to the positive energy plane. The group then headed up the stairs in the main room, only to have the giant statue there come to life. After a tough fight, the party trashed the statue, and then headed into the bedroom to discover the source of the problem - a Ravid, brought to the material plane by the craftsman's research, and run amok animating everything.

XP Awarded by Lisa