Reclaiming Arcanaethall-1

DM: Dallys

White Hawk, Level 14 Human Wizard/Dweomerkeeper
Belle, Level 9 Human Monk/Ardent
Kaellack, Level 9 Human Rogue/Swordsage/Shadowlord
Yuria, Level 11 Psion
Olivia, Level 11 Psion/Uncarnate

12x Advanced 4-armed Gargoyles (CR 7)
1x Adult Umbral Dragon (CR 14)
1x Dread Skeleton, Fgt 9 (CR 10)
1x Dread Skeletal Nightmare (CR 6)
1x Tarnwurm (CR 12)

White Hawk: 2310
Belle and Kaellack: 9090
Yuria and Olivia: 5500

+1 Full Plate
+1 Mithril Full Plate Barding
+2 Lance
Gauntlets of Ogre Power


The wizard Viktor Seldrane sent the party to the keep of the scarred wall. They bypassed Ury Sevenskulls of the Deadwatcher Orcs, choosing instead to fly to the keep, where they attracted the ire of a flight of gargoyles. After dispatching them, they were attacked by an umbral dragon who was dealt with rather quickly, though it needed to be killed rather than incapacitated, so they had to brave the deeps and kill a Tarnwurm to get to the body, and finally they destroyed Sergeant Lashton, the skeletal guard to open the keep proper.