Reclaiming Arcanaethall-2

DM: Dallys

White Hawk: 14
Tammuz: 13
Belle: 10
Kaellack: 10
Yuria: 11
Olivia: 11
Kara: 9

White Hawk: 2300
Tammuz: 3204
Belle and Kaellack: 6929
Yuria and Olivia: 5422
Kara: 8872

Staff of Necromancy (28 Charges) and 2,000 Gold for Tammuz
Belt of Giant Strength +4 and 9,000 gold for Belle
Celestial Plate Armor and 4,000 gold for Kara
22,000 gold for everyone else.


Delving deeper into the haunted keep, the party pushed their way through one horrendous battle after another, downing a Dread Wraith, a unique devil named Nihil as well as the feared and terrible Demilich Bishop Zev Ravenka. Kara, Belle and Olivia fell during the final combat but were quickly revived by the help of their companions. After this, the curse upon the castle was lifted and the mighty weapon Arcanaethall allowed herself to be taken into Kara's hands. The hour of destruction looms neigh, the world may never know exactly how close to destruction that it may be….