Reincarnation Table For Therafim

This table is intended largely for use with the Reincarnate spell. It can, however, also be used when deciding what form the gods place a mortal in after that mortal is judged and allowed to return to the mortal realm. In this case, the mortal simply becomes a standard member of the given species, born in the typical fashion, and is treated as a new creature for all intents and purposes. A creature's reincarnated state might come up as a matter of plot, but otherwise does not affect gameplay.

See each individual race for changes to physical statistics. Mental statistics are never changed.

If a given reincarnation has a level adjustment listed, the character loses sufficient levels to remain at the same equivalent character level as they were before being reincarnated.

General Reincarnation Table

d% Incarnation
1-75 Player Character Race
76-89 Other Humanoid
90-100 Monstrous Humanoid or Giant
100 Other

Player Character Race Table

d% Incarnation
1-15 Beastfolk
16-20 Changeling
21-35 Dwarf
36-50 Elf
51-60 Gnome
61-65 Half-Elf
66-70 Half-Orc
71-85 Halfling
86-100 Human


d% Incarnation
1-10 Aquatic
11-20 Avian
21-30 Canid, Large
31-40 Canid, Small
41-50 Canivore or Omnivore, Large
51-60 Carnivore or Omnivore, Small
61-70 Feline, Large
71-80 Feline, Small
81-90 Ungulate, Large
91-100 Ungulate, Small

Other Humanoid

d% Incarnation
1-10 Bugbear
11-20 Gnoll
21-30 Goblin
31-35 Half-Celestial
36-40 Half-Dragon
41-45 Half-Fey
46-50 Half-Fiend
51-60 Kobold
61-70 Lizardfolk
71-80 Orc
81-90 Troglodyte
91-99 Warforged
100 Other

"Other" indicates any humanoid race not listed on the above table. If a "Half-" template is indicated, use the original creature as the base race.

Monstrous Humanoid or Giant

d% Incarnation
1-5 Centaur
6-10 Gargoyle
11-15 Giant, Cloud
16-20 Giant, Fire
21-25 Giant, Frost
26-30 Giant, Hill
31-35 Giant, Stone
36-40 Giant, Other
41-45 Hag, Annis
46-50 Hag, Green
51-55 Hag, Sea
56-60 Harpy
61-65 Lamia
66-70 Medusa
71-75 Minotaur
76-80 Morlock
81-85 Ogre
86-90 Sahuagin
91-95 Troll
96-100 Other

"Other" indicates any monstrous humanoid or giant race not listed on the above table.


d% Incarnation
1-5 Aberration
6-55 Animal
56-70 Beast
71-75 Dragon
76-80 Fey
61-70 Magical Beast
71-75 Ooze
76-90 Plant
91-100 Vermin

When "Other" is rolled, and the general type of creature is determined, the case must be taken to those in charge of running the game for adjudication. As a general guideline, however, the player may choose any creature within the listed type of Challenge Rating 1 without restriction. If desired, a player can trade in character levels on a 1-for-1 basis for each hit die taken as an alternative species.