Earning REP

  • Running Quests: The primary source of earning REP, you will earn the following amounts dependant on the majority level of the characters involved:
Level Range REP Reward
1-5 2
6-10 3
11-15 5
16-20 6

Please see the DM Guidelines and the Quests and Questrunning pages for more information on Therafim's quest running policies.

  • Site Assistance: Generally people only gain REP for work on the site when they are asked to do the work by a member of the staff. The amount varies depending on the work, though 2 REP is normal per task. The exact definition of a "task" varies, and usually follows the guidelines for higher REP awards as found on the forums. A list of possible tasks for players to complete for REP can be found here for the interested.
  • General Helpfulness: A variety of possible ways to earn REP may arise. If you do something that helps or adds to the world of Therafim or the comfort and fun of its players in a significant fashion, ask the staff in charge of REP to see if you might merit some. Helping another player make a character is one common way to be helpful and build the channel. 1 REP is a normal award for most situations. Also, Ops receive 2 REP per week, as compensation for the extensive work that they do.
  • Creative Content: Any player of the game can add a short work of fiction or a chapter to an ongoing larger story, a piece of art, or similar work to the appropriate section of the site, and receive between 1-3 REP (usually 2 REP) for the effort, depending on the content of the work in question. See the forums for the exact rules for earning REP from creative works.
  • Promotions: Gaining a title is a big deal, and indicates a certain amount of trust placed in an individual. Because of this, REP is also awarded for gaining a title as part of the channel staff. 5 REP is awarded for becoming anything from QuestRunner to StoryTeller (5 REP per rank), and 20 REP is awarded for becoming an Op as a one-time bonus.

Caution: If the staff say that you will not receive REP for something, then that statement is final. We ask that you please be considerate and accepting of such decisions. REP are "bonus content," and so are supposed to be relatively rare. At the same time, there should not be too much stinginess in awarding REP where it is due, and hard work for the site should definitely be rewarded.

Uses for Reward Points

  • Additional Skill Points: 10 REP for +5 skill points. Normal skill point limits still exist as normal, so this does not allow you to exceed max ranks in skills for your level.
  • Additional Feats: 10 REP per feat. There is a feat cap of one bought feat per two complete character levels attained. (I.E., a 1st level character could buy one feat, a 6th level character could buy three feats, and a 9th level character could buy 4 feats.)
  • Attribute Bonuses: 20 REP per +1 to attributes. Each individual attribute may only be boosted up to a character's racial maximum, plus level adjustments, or 18, whichever is higher.
  • Special Character Backgrounds: 10 REP for a special storyline, the option to take feats normally not allowed to your character for whatever reason, or other significant plot-affecting backgrounds; this may also result in special quests being run to explain your character gaining certain abilities. 15 REP for a special character of up to +0 ECL (such as warforged, duergar, elan, and drow). 25 REP for a +1 ECL character, and 35 REP for +2 ECL characters. The exact cost scales to the particular request, especially in the case of special backgrounds for characters (10 REP is the minimum, more for more influential backgrounds). Characters above ECL +2 are generally not allowed.
  • Evil Alignment: 5 REP. WARNING: due to the nature of D&D being based around heroic characters, choosing to play a character of evil alignment carries certain risks. One of these risks include the possibility of reduced play time and exclusion from quests where a majority of good aligned characters are present.
  • Additional classes and prestige classes beyond the fourth: 25 REP for each additional class. Any character may have up to four classes and/or prestige classes without having to spend REP.
  • Experience: 1 REP may be spent to gain an amount of experience dependent upon your character's level. The exact formula is 50 x Character Level (or ECL) experience per point of REP.
  • Gold: 2 REP may be spent to gain an amount of gold corresponding to your level on the following table.

Important Note: REP spending is approved on an individual basis, and min-maxing is generally frowned upon. Ops may disallow or approve an REP spending selection at their discretion.

Level Gold Awarded Level Gold Awarded
1 75gp 11 1,875gp
2 150gp 12 2,450gp
3 225gp 13 3,250gp
4 300gp 14 4,250gp
5 400gp 15 5,500gp
6 500gp 16 7,000gp
7 650gp 17 9,000gp
8 850gp 18 11,750gp
9 1,125gp 19 15,250gp
10 1,450gp 20 20,000gp

Spending Reward Points

If you desire to spend REP, please send an itemized list of all desired expenditures, along with a brief explanation of these REP expenses, to the Lead Op for review. If everything is found in order, the REP will be used, and you will be able to update your character sheet as desired.

Important Note: After you have spent REP, it is gone, and cannot be refunded. In the past, refunds were allowed, but this has been a source of occasional contention and abuse, and so the practice has been discontinued. Special exceptions may be made, but they should not be expected.