Requests For Player Work Rep Opportunities

This is where the listings for requests for materials that players might write for REP will be posted. If you have an interest in one of these possibilities, then PM Gideon Kalve Jarvis and let him know what you are up to, and what you are thinking, so that he can approve or deny your idea. After your idea is approved, please put your name next to the one that you want on this chart, as a placeholder, so that others do not try for an already-filled slot.

Each link will contain a short description of the nature of the requested item, to make it easier to figure it out.

REP Possibility Name of Present Player
Evil Ninjas None Yet
Pirate Clans None Yet
Academy of Archeaologists None Yet
Band of Bodyguards Hopey (See page link)
Storyteller's Guild None Yet
Crystal Ball Connection None Yet
Amazons Filled by Tammuz (some potential for additions remains)
Adventuring Companies None Yet
Charitable Organizations Hopey (See page link)
The Post None Yet
Ninjas None Yet
Pirates - arrgh None Yet
Rulers of Nations None Yet
Avalon City Newspaper Staff Karrius
Nobles of Avalon City Mostly filled by Tbg (still accepting additions)
Avalon City Denizens Sawbones (still accepting additions)
Dragons of all sorts None Yet
Villains Various (Accepting)
Monsters Pale (still accepting)
Secret Ninja Base None Yet
Pirate Hideouts None Yet
Avalon City Museum Hopey (See page link)
Adventure Locations Tammuz (still accepting additions)
Planes and Demiplanes None Yet
Equipment, Magic Items, and Goods
Magic Items None Yet
Houses of Ill Repute None Yet
Emporiums None Yet
Other Lore
Calender hopey (Calendar, Timeline, and Constellations)
Timeline None Yet
Holidays Hopey (See page link)
Astronomy and Astrology None Yet
New Gods None Yet
Martial Art Styles None yet
Food And Drink Of Therafim Always accepting more

Suggestions for Future REP Opportunities

Please link your own suggestions for possible additions to Therafim below and fill in short descriptions, as modeled above. If they look good, they will be added to the above master list.

Completed material will be moved to appropriate sections of the site. Please be sure to maintain the proper format for organizations and locations, as modeled elsewhere on the site.

List of Suggestions