"Nothing Lasts Forever."

Boy that's the meaning of life, isn't it? Everything that has a beginning has to come to an end. I learned that yesterday after a lengthy discussion with my sister and my room mates. I wanted to believe that I wasn't spending way too much time on here, but I was faced with the hard truth; I spend about 16 hours a day in front of this machine on average, most of that time is spent here in Therafim or on MMORPGs.

Truth be told, I have a lot of animosity towards my sister, but one of my room-mates is like a big brother to me and I always take a lot of stock into what he has to say. It's getting in the way of my finding work, its all I want to do anymore, and its not a healthy practice for someone who was very active before my accident and other more…personal…things happened. Therafim has become one of my favorite activities, but I need to scale back a few things and prioritize my life a little better.

To that end, I am resigning as a mechanics op to be just a quest runner and a player. I won't be spending as much time on here as I used to and I do not plan to spend so much time or playing catch up. I will continue my duties until such time that a replacement is found for me.

As for the campaign I have planned, I WILL run it, I WILL start it up as soon as I am able as promised so Stay Tuned. Once again, if there is anyone else who would like to run quests and make things more active for Therafim, please feel free to speak to Hope, Jenn or Myself.