Return of Mrrrgrrrgrrrgrrrglll

Return of Mrrrgrrrgrrrgrrrglll (Chapter IV)

DM Name: Scaly

Name, Level, Race, Class favorite sword
Lord Helsbeth, 2 Human Hexblade, Ba Gua Dao
Lily, level 4 monk, large canine beastfolk, a swords a sword
O-rin Level 2 Human bard of the Cho lin kingdoms, Kilij

Challenges (Please list each encounter separately in the following format):
Number, Creature/Trap/Encounter, CR

2 Human Watery Dead, CR3 each
1 Ogre Watery Dead, CR5
The Oracle Ssarevess, CR4 Social Encounter

O-rin, 1,650 XP
Helsbeth, 1,650 XP
Lily, 1,466 XP

1,500 Gold each

Quest Summary:
While returning from a successful expedition the party's ship fell afoul of a kraken, leaving them without a ship, but with all their supplies in the middle of the ocean upon a longboat.
Working quickly, Lord Helsbeth set the longboat travelling south in the general direction of Avalon as Lily pointed out the direction to travel and O-rin bolstered them with music.
A short time passed before the group encountered further violent action, a pair of water sodden zombies approaching on the surface of the water after rising from the depths below. A brief skirmish followed, and even though they were pinned down in a small boat the PCs were able to fight off the watery dead and prepared to move on just as a giant watery zombie rose to the surface and moved to attack. The party bravely struck at it with the ranged weapons they had available before the creature was destroyed in a column of fire.
Their savior was the vile Sahuagin Oracle Ssarevess, and she soon explained herself after Helsbeth and O-rin delivered a masterfully diplomatic gesture as she approached the craft standing upon her shark companion's back. The party was given a carved bone carrying a magical message and minor rewards to show the Oracle's sincerity.