Return to the Sunken Citadel

Quest Title: Return to the Sunken Citadel

DM Name:Shelindria

(Part 1)

  • Jerecketh - Lvl 6 Elven Wizard/Cleric
  • Galen - Lvl 8 Human Monk/Drunken Master
  • Sentrosi - Lvl 9 Human Sorcerer
  • Tialys - Lvl 8 High elf Sorcerer
  • Naeyla - Lvl 7 Human Rogue/Swashbuckler/Fighter

(part 2) same as above plus

  • Inara - Lvl 7 Human Paladin

(Part 1)

  • Displacer beast (3) CR 4
  • Hellcat (1) CR 7

(Part 2)

  • Teleport Trap(1) CR 3
  • Riddle Trap(1) CR 3
  • Troll Cleric lvl 10 CR 11
  • Shadow Mastiffs(2) CR 5

(Part 1)

  • Jerecketh - 1080
  • Naeyla - 840
  • Galen - 680
  • Tialys - 680
  • Sentrosi - 540

(Part 2)

  • Jerecketh - 2400
  • Naeyla - 1925
  • Inara - 1925
  • Galen - 1600
  • Tialys - 1600
  • Sentrosi - 1240

Bonus exp:
500 for each player for quick defeat of troll

Gold rewarded for part one - 3000 each
gold reward for part two - 5500 each

Jerecketh - Ring of protection +2
Naeyla - +1 Keen Short sword
Inara - +1 flaming Longsword
Galen- +1 Kama of undead Bane
Tialys - Ring of protection +2
Sentrosi - Boots of levitation

Quest Summary:
In the heart of the city a gruesome sight was forced upon everyone with in the city who passed by the statue in the town square. Three mutilated bodies were lashed to the statue and left to rot. The effect was wide spread and word traveled around the city quickly. A crowd began to form, as on-lookers and passers-by gathered to see what was causing the commotion. Each body was tied up facing different directions, North, South and West. Pushing their way through the crowd the adventurers witnessed to ghastly sight and began to look for clues as to who or what would do this. The only clues that were found were necklaces with rune stones on them tied around each body's neck. After examining the runes, it was indicated that they were the runes for Doubt, Harm, and Angel. No one could identify the bodies until a silver-skinned kobold named Srzkin came into the square and recognized the rune for Harm. He had seen it earlier in the day as it was delivered to his Paladin friend. The victim with the Harm rune was supposedly the same paladin. A woman wearing a Cloak and light airy clothing came into the square with the kobold and asked the group to leave the area for a safer location to talk.

After leaving the square, she use Rope Trick to make a place for them to talk. Here she shared with them a brief history of a cult that had once done the same kinds of things as what was seen in the square. The Cult was a group that wished to destroy the gods and make their icon of worship, A black dragon named Alezaros, into the only god. Centuries ago, the cults power was broken and their temple built of the bones of their victims was destroyed. The Altar in the temple was also broken but it could not be destroyed. So the pieces were scattered and place under the care of protectors, to keep them from being united and their evil spreading.

A few in the group knew a little of this cult and told the woman that they had prevented a piece from being stolen once before. With that, the woman indicated that the cult must be trying to resurrect itself and finish what it started. She indicated that the body wearing the rune for Doubt must have been the protector of the altar piece which meant the cult had gained more power than expected. She asked for the aid of the party and when they accepted, she teleported them to a place where the cult had practiced before, A Sunken Citadel just South east of the city.

Arriving at the Citadel, the adventurers entered and encountered cat-like creatures, one of which was invisible to the naked eye. Defeating the creatures, they made their way through a door at the back of the room they were in. There they encountered a door with no handle flanked by columns with dragons carved around them. A couple of the party members were able to discern the the dragon sculptures were whispering a riddle. "We come by night with out being called, and vanish by day with out being stolen" Answering the riddle opened the door and lead to a small room about 10 ft wide. The party entered the room to find themselves teleported into another room identical to the small room they entered. this new room opened up into a large chamber with a shroud of darkness at it center. After dispelling the darkness the faced a Troll Priest ready to sacrifice another victim and two dark shadowy dogs. Before the troll could even make an attack, the party laid him to waste and did the same to the dogs.

The party freed the victim who in return turned on them. He was a member of the cult. He told them they were to late the piece of the altar was no longer there and he refused to help them further. He ran for the dagger dropped by the Troll and tried to grab it to kill himself only to find himself blinded and tied up again to be taken back to the city to be dealt with there. While the Cultist, was being tied back up, The paladin and the wizard/cleric found a doorway hidden in the back wall, but no way to open it.