Rhea Steelheart
Reah Steelheart
Aliases: Steelheart
Age: 39
Hair: Black
Eyes: Pale Green
Height: 4ft 5
Weight: 128 lbs.
Race: Citadel Dwarf
Class: Cleric of Moradin 4, Ordained Champion 3
Alignment: Lawful Good
Level: 7
Experience: 22,600/28,000
Hit Points: 77/77
Gold: 5,684G, 7S, 8C
Current Status: Active
Played by Lisa J


A freckle-faced young dwarf maiden, Rhea stands barely four and a half feet tall but like many of her kin, she is strongly built. Her hands are calloused from working the forge since she was very young and Rhea's emerald colored eyes shine with wisdom and strength. A gruff, stoic, but generally pleasant individual, Rhea brightens a room as she enters with a kind smile, but says little unless spoken to, or has something of import to say. Know however, when she comes to do battle in the name of the Dwarf-Father, she becomes a bulwark of defense, wading through enemies and cutting them down as a harvester!