Rodents Aflame

Rodents Aflame

DM Name: Karrius

Four, Level 1, Changeling, Sorcerer
Gregor Serebry, Level 2, Human, Marshal,
Miro Everglade, level 1 aasimar bard
Dart, level 1, human monk
Zahara, Level 2, Healer, Beastfolk Jackal


3x Ash Rat, CR 1
1x Flaming Buildings, CR 1 terrain


All: 240 XP each


All: 360 gp each

Quest Summary:

The quest began as the group responded to a fire in a poor section of the city. There, they found a young guardsman who had managed to get the area somewhat under control - an entire block was on fire, but sectioned off. It soon became apparent that the fire was not natural. Water would not extinguish it (but prevented it from spreading), and the party spellcasters could detect magic coming from inside of it. While plans were being discussed, Dart heard something inside, and headed into one of the burning buildings - only to find an Ash Rat. When two others appeared, the group managed to fight it off, the fray taking them inside some of the fire. When the rats were finally killed, the flames were able to be put out.