Roleplaying Experience Formula

Roleplaying in Therafim is one of the principal ways to gain experience and gold outside of quests. More roleplaying in general means more experience and gold.

Additionally, While running a quest (dming) posts awards are Doubled ( 2 UP per post )

In order to gain experience and gold for roleplaying, you should type !login <PlayerName> (usually the same as your wiki name for simplicity in sorting out posts) in any of the channels where Overseer, the site's bot, is present. This will allow you to gain a roleplaying tally, one for each recorded post, These points go into a pool listed next to your rep on the Experience And Rep Tallies page and can be spent on any of YOUR characters.

When you are running quests, please add "DM" or "QR" or something similar to your normal player name ( ZiyananiDM for instance), so that you will be sure to gain the appropriate bonus to your post tallies. Being caught signed in as a QR or DM when not quest running will result in loss of a percentage of your posts the first time, and all posts for any further offense.

The formula for how much experience and gold you get per post is listed below.

The Formula

Level EXP Gold Level EXP Gold
1 1xp 1gp 16 16xp 80gp
2 2xp 2gp 17 17xp 100gp
3 3xp 3gp 18 18xp 140gp
4 4xp 4gp 19 19xp 180gp
5 5xp 5gp 20 20xp 215gp
6 6xp 6gp 21 21xp 225gp
7 7xp 8gp 22 22xp 300gp
8 8xp 10gp 23 23xp 300gp
9 9xp 13gp 24 24xp 300gp
10 10xp 17gp 25 25xp 400gp
11 11xp 22gp 26 26xp 400gp
12 12xp 30gp 27 27xp 400gp
13 13xp 40gp 28 28xp 500gp
14 14xp 50gp 29 29xp 500gp
15 15xp 60gp 30 30xp 600gp