Rolling Stones

Quest Title: Rolling Stones

DM Name: Tbg


Alieena, level 7 half elf witch
Shiari, Level 5 (3 Ranger, 2 Druid w/ Shifter ACF) Patheri
Sentrosi, Level 7, Human, sorcerer
Dahlia, Level 8 Human Paladin
Inara, level 6 human paladin


- 1 CR7 Trap – fullisade/bowling alley

- 3 Hill Giants


Alieena, level 7 - 1680
Shiari, Level 5 - 2400
Sentrosi, Level 7 - 1680
Dahlia, Level 8 - 1280
Inara, level 6 - 2160


All get 2,500gps

Alieena– Scroll of Horrid Wilting
Shiaril 5 - efficient quiver
Sentrosi - Third Eye: Expose
Dahlia - vanguard treads
Inara - helm of battle

Quest Summary:

Following the directions, the heroes headed out to help a small mining village under attack/duress ahead of Avalon’s forces. They found a demolished village and a collapsed mine. They eventually search the village but came up with little in the way of survivors but they did find a few clues. They had to leave the mine until help arrived to dig those inside out.

Instead they pushed on… and were caught in a rockslide trap. Being in a gully, the trap funneled rocks and small boulders down the hill and into them. It also alerted the hill giant above. Stuck halfway down the gully with hill giants approaching was not good for our heroes.

Luckily, Sentrosi saved their bacon with a simple silent image spell, concealing their presence. While the giants knew something was wrong and could hear things, they were bright enough to neither pierce the illusion nor make a quick decision about what to do. It allowed the heroes to get mostly out of the gully and attack.

What they had thought were two hill giants were actually 3. It was a tough fight, nearly bringing both paladins to their knees, but the heroes triumphed in the end thanks to good sword, ranged bowfire and good spell work. The team dispatched the three giants and returned back to the mine in time for the city’s relief forces to help dig the survivors out of the mine.