Rulers Of Nations

Each nation of Therafim has somebody in charge - in many cases several somebodies. Who are these people, and what are they like? This will require some reading of the information on each nation, as well as the history of Therafim.

Aleskander Surr - Also called King Surr, Baron Aleskander Surr is a conqueror, and son of conquerors, Baron Surr is the frustrated ruler of the Barony of Surr in the Freeholds. He is an epic level warblade/swordsage, and is held in terror by all who know him. But he finds himself pinned between forces more powerful than those he can muster, or at least equal to his own, and is constantly frustrated in his designs for additional territory. With the turos of Dukeras on the west, Carloft on the East, Killian's cunning halflings to the south, and the Hordelands to the north, there really isn't anywhere left for Surr to expand without hitting some truly deadly adversaries. This has driven the already-brutal, cruel, and savage Baron Surr to distraction and near madness. In his rages, he has killed his wife and one of his daughters, and driven off the other one, to places unknown. This lost daughter occupies much of Surr's thoughts, since he has lost the ability to produce more offspring, making her his last natural hope for continuing his line. Though he does have some magical backups in mind in case of final emergencies.

Auntie Weathertop - A local ruler in the Freeholds, near Killian, an elderly halfling woman of some reputation. She is known and liked all over the good-aligned parts of the Freeholds, and in the Council of Wands, and in most halfling caravans on Autumn Land as well. She is a well-known font of information on all the doings where halfling caravans pass or halflings live, which covers essentially all of Autumn Land, more or less.

Ivana Carloft - Baroness Ivana Carloft is a perfect example of the lesser choice of evils. An ancient elven vampire, the Baroness is the ruler of Carloft Freehold, and has been for as long as anyone still living can remember. Originally the Freehold was a refuge for mountain elves, a now-extinct subrace of the elven people. Now Ivana Carloft is the last of that fallen race, a brooding, crimson-haired woman with pale skin and features so beautiful that it is rumored to look on her naked would kill a man. That is, if her fangs didn't do it first. The Baroness is surprisingly reasonable for a vampire, actually working to protect the people that live in the isolated valleys of the Harkness mountains. She feeds on them in exchange for protection, but her protection is wonderful as well as terrible, and quite sure proof against all foes. Baroness Carloft needs no troops, for she is a terrible power unto herself, filled not only with vampiric power, but also with all the arcane might of thousands of years of a life spent perfecting her skills as a wizard and a necromancer. For the Baroness, every foe that falls becomes a warrior to fight for her instead, and every living being is a potential ally under her captivating gaze.

Kres Bloodhorn - The savage, red-furred ruler of Sardas, one of the major cities of Dukeras, Kres is a truly skilled, high-level barbarian who lives for the raw, primal thrill of battle and bloodshed. He does not indulge himself in any other wickedness or perversity, being happily married to a single wife (unusual among the turos), and spending most of his time not spent in or preparing for war tending to the many necessities of rulership. Kres is a good husband, devoted father, dutiful public servant…and a total blood-crazed maniac when he gets onto the battlefield.

Moriah Gentlehand - Athe's black-and-white-furred turos ruler is a gentle, caring soul, a priestess of Hathor - the high priestess of Dukeras, actually, and one of the most powerful of Hathor's clerics in the world. She is known for being tender and loving, for being an incredible diplomat, a skilled healer, and also for being one of the most skilled hierodule (temple prostitute) in the world. Moriah's calm ways keep Kres, her counterpart ruler in Sardas, under control, and though Kres is completely loyal to his wife, the reverse cannot be said, as Moriah is his wife's lover, and through her is able to all the better guide Kres away from pointless violence, giving him gentle direction.

Renaud Killian - A halfling ruler of some repute, and one of the best halfling outriders ever to step into the saddle, Baron Killian of Killian Freehold is a legend in his own time. Though quite old now, well over a century, and starting to slow down physically, Renaud is still amazingly spry for someone of his age. In truth, he is in excellent shape for someone half his age! His mind is sharp, and he is still an expert in the most devious harrassment tactics to battle off any who might threaten the halfling people in his care. In his eyes and the eyes of his people, Killian Freehold is the last hope that halflings have for a homeland of their own, a place where they might stop their perpetual wandering and finally settle down. Most halflings still wander, but they all have that hope for a homeland ingrained into their hearts, and Killian is their best hope.