Sacrificial Toads

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Satin, level 2 catfolk soulknife
Ecnillos Tabhel, level 1 lightlost human rogue
Roka, level 1 foxkin ranger
Antone, level 1 jackalfolk wizard
Neysa, level 1 ovida druid
Octavi, level 2 human druid

5 bullywugs (CR 1 each, CR 5 total)

300 xp for each

400 gp for each
3 cure light wounds potions for each (50 gp each)

Quest Summary:
The party was summoned by one of the abbess' of a Neutral Good order to investigate why communication had been cut off suddenly from one of the monasteries of some of their more idealistic sisters, who had been preaching to the savage tribes in the wilds. They had a good fortress to keep them safe, and had been making some progress with the gnolls, orcs, and wolfen tribes, before they had stopped communicating. The party were able to slip into the fortress at night through a waterway, only to discover that bullywugs were there, and about to sacrifice the sisters to their dark god by pouring boiling oil over them. Though the party ended up having that oil poured over them instead, they managed to slay the toadmen, and save the nuns from a horrible fate.