Sandra The Librarian

The globe is of brilliant blood crystal, shot through with hazy trails of aphotic smoke. Five feet across, it sits in a finely carved wooden cradle, like a great sized globe of the world. Engraved on a brass plaque is the mundane name "Sandra". Speak it and see it light with violent streams of violet energy almost like electricity. Place a hand on the cold crystal and see them try to close the distance between you and and the entity within. Listen, and hear the voice not within but between your ears.

"What is thy desire?"

Sandra is a Spell Weaver. The Weavers motives are unknown, by comparison we can write volumes on the Illithids or other races from The Void. Thankfully, they are a far less sinister-or so it seems. When they do appear, it seems only to steal some magic item. On very rare occasions, a Weaver will actually leave a handwritten note in a tongue a race of Therafim can understand. Tongue only for the message itself is so incomprehensible, it must be the result of lack of basic fluency in any language of this world or else some madness.

Sandra had eight children, whom she last knew to reside within the far reaches of the astral plane keeping libraries filled to the brim with secrets even she does not know about. During the last month of her life, she was imprisoned by one of the Dragon Kings who would later be transmogrified into a Linnorm for his hideous crimes. In the moments before her ritual sacrifice and transition into a Husk Globe, she spent her time contacting her friends and family, both to warn them to take protective measures, and to say goodbye. She can speak little of Weaver lore, for she erased as many of her own memories before she came into this state. The ritual to prepare her required much torture, and not the crude mutilations and infibulations of the flesh with which you and I are familiar, but rather the sort that leaves no mark, but brings about conditions of the nerve for which there no words-except in the dread the tongues like that of The Dark Speech. She was many times during her captivity raped , for though her form was alien to them, the Dragon Kings younger spawn found her pleasing anyay.

Those within a Husk Globe are not alive. Those so entombed in crystal are not as they would were in life, their souls are long gone and all that remains is the husk. A shell based on the full psychic imprints they left behind. The spell key to their creation today is Speak With Dead, which does not allow one to speak to the actual spirit of the deceased. HOWEVER-this one is different. This is not the crude necromancy we have come to know in the modern age, but the ancient necromancy of The Dragon Kings. This is a husk yes, but unlike all others this one also contains the soul of the being it once was. She does NOT lament her existence however, for only NOW may she have eternal life. Only NOW may she forever gain, and demonstrate her vast knowledge. And knowledge is power. Nothing would please it more, and the exquisite pain it endured at the hands of The Dragon Kings was worth it all.

Indeed, that is not dead which can eternal lie.

More information regarding the Spell Weavers can be found in Tammuz's Journal. Her Husk Globe currently resides in the Talwar-Kadath Townhouse. Her husk globe is particularly special, for it dates back to the time of the Ancient Dragon Kings-to whom it belonged. A Second Age artifact, it was stolen from one of them by Reticuli the Glabrezu. For Reticuli it was a valuable source of information to be kept on The Prime when he was in possession of mortal men like Urian Delacourte, and useful to tempt seekers of ancient lore.