Sandy and the Giant

DM: Pale

Nerylos, Level 4, Lizardfolk, Ranger
Neysa, Level 4, Sheepfolk, Druid
Roka, Level 6, Foxkin, Ranger 5/Deepwood Sniper 1
Satin, Level 5, Beastfolk, Psion/Illithid Slayer
Silk, Level 3, Beastfolk, Monk

Athach Cr8
Orc Warband Cr5

Level 4 - 1300XP
Level 5 - 1200XP
Level 6 - 1100XP

Due to level spread, Silk will be awarded XP as if she were fourth level. A bonus to XP was added for all participants for generally contributing well to the quest, in particular for no periods of inactivity.

1,000gp Each in the form of mixed valuables and actual coinage

Misc Loot:
Each player may pick one item on this list, and there is only one piece of loot in each category so it's first come first served. Informing me either by PM or preferably on IRC is best when you make your minds up.

- Mysterious Mystery - Taken by Neysa - Tooth of Savnok (Tome of Magic, 2000 gp)
- Mystery Equipment - Taken by Silk - Gloves of Fortunate Striking (MiC, 2000gp)
- Mystery Melee Weapon
- Mystery Ranged Weapon - Taken by Roka - +1 Ranged Weapon
- Mystery Accessory - Taken by Nerylos - Amulet of Tears (MiC 70, 2,300 gp)
- Mysterious Gamble

Quest Summary:
White Hawk hired a small group of adventurers to locate a new arrival in the Kirsing Mountain range, a Stone Giant was what it turned out to be but the journey there was an arduous one.

On their way the group jovially navigated through dangerous territory, their bestial senses and keen tracking enabling them to avoid -many- perils. Orcish Warbands, Hook Horrors, Leechwalkers, Crocodiles with tentacles and even a Minotaur never got the chance to taste their blood.

It was early in the quest when they stumbled upon their destination, a camp fire on a distant mountain side. Getting there would be the hard part and despite bypassing the aforementioned critters, the mountain had a lot more to offer. An Atach that masturbated with one arm while attacking with the other two proved to be something of a challenge.

Detouring around all of the other perils meant they travelled at night, reaching the Giants camp long after sundown. The fire as it happened, turned out to be a living spell ooze of the Glitterfire variety, as Nerysa noticed when it took a keen liking to her. The Giant that kept it soon locked it under a large plate holder and proved to be every bit as useful and friendly as their Wizard patron alluded to.

They slept overnight in the Giant's cave, at his request, and in the morning they were greeted by the sound of Orcs outside the cave. The Giant had been hunting them, using his campfire lookalike ooze to draw them into a reverse ambush. An Orc warboss with a Pandahelm lead the assault of thirty but to no avail, the party were triumphant and were fortunate enough to stumble upon the Orcs camp, fat with the spoils of a previous raid.