DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Mathias, level 1 wolfen fighter
Four, level 4 changeling sorcerer
Lloyd Mute, level 4 human battle sorcerer
Nina Mau, level 1 catgirl warlock
Zhelen, level 2 human hexblade
Miro Everglade, level 2 bard

Bloodhulk fighter (CR 4)
and then
Grinder Goreguts, level 5 expert/fighter (3/2) (CR 4)

Mathias, Nina, Zhelen, Miro: 450 xp each
Lloyd, Four: 400 xp each

600 gp per person
Each party member can have a single metal-based masterwork weapon, reforged from the purified tools of the sausageman.

Quest Summary:
First his wife dissappeared…and then the most delicious sausages started to come from the slaughteryard of Grinder Goreguts, the sausageman of one of the most successful sausage shops of Avalon City. It wasn't until he was caught chasing a small child that his new recipe and the recent rash of dissappearances was suddenly deduced. But who in their right mind goes up against a massive man who dual-wields huge cleavers while wearing the face of a fresh-slain pig? Adventurers, that's who, and that's just what the party did, battling their way through Goreguts' horrific sausageman monstrosity (the bloodhulk), and then up against himself in his thick pighide armor. But in the end, the murders were avenged…and the party all decided to go vegan (just kidding!).

XP and REP Awarded by Scathien