Savnok, The Instigator

Once a servant of gods, Savnok now grants his summoners the ability to wear heavy armor, to draw arrows from thin air, to take the place of allies in combat, and to cause wounds that do not heal.

Legend: Savnok lived before recorded history. His story contains about as much myth as it does fact, since the barrier between truth and fiction eroded long before the current age. According to the legend, Savnok served Hextor and Heironeous before the two half-brothers came to blows. The gods were charged with guarding their mother’s arms and armor while she met with her lovers. Both Hextor and Heironeous were awed and tempted by their mother’s implements of war, but neither son dared disobey his mother. Seeing their desires written clearly upon their faces, however, Savnok devised a means to steal the items or his masters. Relying on their trust in him, Savnok tricked Hextor and Heironeous into letting him guard their mother’s armory. But once his gaze fell on the goddess’s armor, Savnok could not resist donning it. Just touching the metal made him drunk with power. After putting it on, he knew he could never take it off, so he fl ed the godly realms with the divine armor.

Hextor and Heironeous soon noticed that their servant and the armor were missing. When they looked for Savnok, they found him at war on the Material Plane. Since no energy or mortal weapon could pierce the goddess’s armor, Savnok had decided to set about carving out a kingdom for himself. Shocked at his betrayal and horrified by their own failure to perform their duties, Hextor and Heironeous appeared before Savnok and ordered him to relinquish their mother’s armor. Their former servant responded by attacking, and although he could not harm them, neither could they harm him. Heironeous flew into the sky and tore thunderbolts from the clouds to hurl at Savnok, but Hextor, realizing that they needed deific weapons to defeat the armor, fled back to his mother’s armory. There, he found a bow and grabbed a handful of arrows, then returned to find Heironeous still hurling lightning with little effect. Hextor barely had the strength to draw his mother’s bow, but draw it he did. With each arrow he fired, a dozen missiles streaked down to strike Savnok.

Though the arrows had little power behind them, they did pierce the armor, and as Savnok raged at the injustice the two gods had done him, he slowly bled to death from dozens of small wounds. When at last Savnok lay dead, Hextor and Heironeous removed the armor and debated what to do next. Not only had they failed to guard their mother’s armory, but Hextor had also stolen her bow and arrows. It was Hextor who suggested that they hide Savnok and replace the items, leaving their mother none the wiser. Heironeous didn’t like the plan, but he wanted to protect his halfbrother. After all, Hextor’s theft had solved a problem for which Heironeous was partly responsible and prevented Savnok from wreaking still more havoc in the mortal lands. Together, the two gods hid Savnok’s essence in a place even they could not reach. Heironeous has regretted this decision ever since.

Special Requirement: To summon Savnok, you must have stolen something and made neither reparations nor apology for that act.

Manifestation: The first sign of Savnok’s manifestation is an arrow streaking out of thin air to strike something unseen above his seal. Then a dozen more arrows whistle into the seal, each one landing with a metallic ping. Trickles of blood spout into the air where the arrows hang, and as more strike home, the blood gradually outlines a heavily armored form that seems too broad and powerfully built to be human. Savnok’s features are obscured by his plate armor and helm, as well as the rivulets of blood and the many arrows that pepper his body. When Savnok speaks, he spits out bitter words with a gravelly voice that seems heavy with resentment.

Sign: A piece of an arrow appears under your skin somewhere on your body. It looks as though your skin has healed over a broken-off arrow that had previously wounded you. The arrow deals no damage, but at times it causes you some discomfort. If removed, it disintegrates immediately, and another appears somewhere else on your body.

Influence: Savnok’s influence makes you headstrong and recalcitrant. Once you make up your mind about a particular issue, very little can change your thoughts on the matter. In addition, whenever you don armor, employ a shield, or wear any other item that improves your AC, Savnok requires that you not remove that protection for any reason.

Granted Abilities: Savnok grants you abilities associated with his death and the command of allies’ positions.

Call Armor: At will as a full-round action, you can summon a suit of full plate armor, which appears about your body. As you attain higher effective binder levels, the armor’s quality improves, as given on the following table.

Effective Binder Level Armor Summoned
2nd–4th Masterwork full plate
5th–8th +1 full plate
9th –12th +2 light fortification full plate
13th–16th +2 moderate fortification full plate
17th–19th +4 moderate fortification full plate
20th +4 heavy fortification full plate

You can dismiss the armor with another full-roundaction.

Heavy Armor Proficiency: You are proficient with heavy armor.

Move Ally: You can instantly swap positions with any visible willing ally within 5 feet per two effective binder levels of your position. Objects carried by you or your ally (up to the maximum load for each) go along, but creatures do not. The movement is instantaneous and does not provoke attacks of opportunity. Using this ability is a standard action at first, though at 7th level you can use it as a move action, and at 13th level you can use it as a swift action. Once you have used this ability, you cannot do so again for 5 rounds.

Savnok’s Armor: While wearing your called armor, you can ignore some of the damage from attacks by nonpiercing weapons. When you first gain the ability to summon Savnok, this ability gives you damage reduction 1/piercing, and the value improves by +1 for every four effective binder levels you possess. Thus, you have damage reduction 2/piercing as a 4th-level binder, damage reduction 3/piercing as an 8thlevel binder, and so forth. When your effective binder level reaches 13th, your damage reduction can be overcome only by attacks that are both magic and piercing.