Setting the Blame

Quest Title: Setting the Blame

DM Name: Tbg

Tialys, level 6, Sorcerer, High Elf, LG.
Stray, lev 4 Human Cleric of Fenris
Sira, 2, Fighter, Human, LG
Remhoraz; Foxkin Lv.3, Conjurer3; Lawful Neutral
Sentrosi, Human, Sorcerer, Level 6, Neutral
Karyn, Level 5 Human Wizard/Cleric, Lawful Evil
Red Bear, 5, Druid, True Orc, Thunder
Galen, Level 6, Monk 5/Drunken Master 1, Human
Jereck, Level 4 Elven Cleric2/Wizard2 Lawful Neutral
Magnus ver Magnusson, Dwarf, Level 2, Druid
Aeschwine, level 2, Barb, Beastkin, Chaotic Neutral
Kiran, 5, Swordsage
Lillith 3 duskblade human
Shelindria Level 3 Shadowcaster Half Drow/Half Elf


- This started out as a investigation piece. As such, the investigation itself was a challenge.

- For the tunnel crew (Tia, Remhoraz, Sentrosi, Galen):
• CR2 falling rocks trap
• CR6 poison blade trap
• CR5 pit trap

- For the house crew (Stray, Sira, Karyn, Red Bear, Jerek, Kiran):
• Erinyes & Ritual

- 40 CR3 mercs

Sira, 2 – 4523
Magnus ver Magnusson, Dwarf, Level 2 – 1250 (had to leave halfway through traps)
Aeschwine, level 2 - 100 (had to leave shortly after arriving at house)
Remhoraz; Lv.3 – 4523
Lillith 3 – 3073 (only participated in final battle)
Shelindria Level 3 – 3073 (only participated in final battle)
Stray, lev 4 – 3309
Jereck, Level 4 – 3309
Karyn, Level 5 – 3227
Red Bear, 5 – 1400 (had to leave after Erinyes fight)
Kiran, 5 – 3227
Sentrosi, Level 6 – 3082
Tialys, level 6 – 3082
Galen, Level 6 – 3082


NOTE: the vast majority of this treasure is contingent on doing as Lady DeVillars asked and NOT revealing this information to the Watch, other Nobles, etc. If one of the players does NOT follow this instruction, please inform the Story Op.

Sira, 2 – 3000
Magnus ver Magnusson, Dwarf, Level 2 – 1500
Aeschwine, level 2 - 500
Remhoraz; Lv.3 – 3000
Lillith 3 – 2000
Shelindria Level 3 – 2000
Stray, lev 4 – 3000
Jereck, Level 4 – 3000
Karyn, Level 5 – 3000
Red Bear, 5 – 1500
Kiran, 5 – 2000
Sentrosi, Level 6 – 3000
Tialys, level 6 – 3000
Galen, Level 6 – 3000

Quest Summary:
Responding to a call from the DeVillars family, despite there being no promise for coin, our heroes (a term loosely applied to the less than sterling folk who were present) went to the estate of the messenger. There they met Lauren DeVillars who, whether they realized it or not, is arguably one of if not THE most powerful woman in the city not to mention one of the most beloved as well.

She told them that she needed some help as well as discretion. Her nephew appeared to have been kidnapped the previous night and there was some rather damning evidence pointing to another Noble on the Council. She asked that any information be brought to her and NOT the Watch stating concern for the city. She didn’t want rumors or gossip flying without proof. The city could ill afford such division she said.

(She mentioned an incident from last week, that unless one of the heroes was at, no one had heard about. Apparently, a Noble on the council (Lady Daradusk) had hired a group of assassins to kill off Lady Blacktree. Signed proof had been found…yet as far as anyone knew, the event had never occurred. Lady DeVillars suppressed the information it seems.)

The heroes went to the country estate outside the city to do some investigation. There were some oddities there. At this point the party decided to split up to try different avenues. Once group decided to follow (or let the Dino follow anyway) some vague scents and well hidden tracks. The rest decided to stay behind and continue their investigations.

The trackers would have been lost without the animal. They certainly weren’t quiet, not that it mattered much. And it is likely they would have never seen the hidden cave opening without, again, the Dino. Just stepping inside, they set off a trap that looked to be a normal rock fall…but the heroes weren’t buying it. Lacking an expert in traps, the group wisely decided to summon some trap detectors… Which were obliterated one after the other as they progressed down the rough cave by a series of very deadly traps.

The sorceress Tia noticed something very off about the traps as the passed. The traps were obviously designed to kill anyone seeking entry and were cunningly hidden. But they were also designed to set off some kind of alert so those dwelling here would be alerted. Almost missing it herself, Tia realized that someone had cunningly disabled that warning somehow yet left the deadly traps functional. Wondering at the mystery, the group continued on until they encountered a wooden door…

Meanwhile, back at the house…
The group there discovered an invisible set of sigils surrounding the house. Their evil purpose was divined by one of the members. Realizing it was fading, they took great risk to reactivated it. Giving up some of his own life’s blood, Jerek reactivated the evil ritual.

An Eirynes, in the form of a handsome man, stepped forth and immediately attacked the heroes! Yet despite being strong and more powerful than them, it seemed unable to take them down. Even shrugging damage with it’s powers, and wounded, it should have beaten them. The gods were with them, especially Sira whose blade seemed to ignore the creatures protection, and they dispatched the vile thing with only a couple of their number being hurt. With the portal the creature had come through slowly closing, the party made a decision after quickly healing their injuries. Follow the brazen lead of Stray, the group quickly stepped through before the portal sealed shut.

Stepping through the portal, they were slightly dazed by the transition. As their vision cleared they realized they were in a massive cavern. And that cavern was filled with dozens of armed and very surprised men. Despite being more skilled than the huge group…the heroes were in a good bit of trouble. The heroes set themselves to hold their group against the incoming rush…

Unseen by all in this commotion, the tracking group quietly pushed open their door and looked at the back of the group. Using the shock and surprise against them, the heroes attacked! Huge amount of fiery death exploding among the men, spells sapped at their will. Despite the mad rush to cut the heroes down, Kiran, Sira and Stray (bolstered by Stray divine powers) stood fast and caused the massive charge to break. Even a powerful spellcaster behind the mass of men was unable to attack effectively thanks to the heroes’ two spellcasters who were just lying in wait to magically bitch slap the fellow should he raise his head.

The surprise (and massive and regular fire explosions) took a devastating toll on the attackers. Between that and the combat skills (and one undead owlbear), the formerly dangerous fight quickly turned. After Stray decided to rip out one man’s throat (with her teeth!), the blood soaked woman managed to cow the few survivors into throwing down arms.

Taking stock after the fight was…different. Despite the massive amount of men arrayed against them, few of the heroes were injured at all and none seriously. The enemy spellcaster was nowhere to be found. Incriminating documents, signed by Lord Longbottle, somehow managed to survive the massive conflagration and clearly stated his authorization for the mercenaries to abduct the paladin.

Something was very wrong here. Between the amazingly unscathed letter of proof, the oddly sabotaged traps, the obvious and blatant ‘proof’ of at the scene and the ease at which the heroes defeated the very surprised enemy, something was off about this entire situation. It left quite a few bad ideas and questions about what was really going on…