Sewer Strangers Part One

Quest Title : Sewer Strangers, Part One

DM Name: MalcolmWrynn

Eve_White, 2, Changeling, Wizard
Gram Chandler, 2, Mousekin, Rogue1/Paladin1
Kael, 2, Wolfkin, Cleric2
Faro Blackjack, 3, Human, Rogue1/Swashbuckler2

Challenges (Please list each encounter separately in the following format):
Number, Creature/Trap/Encounter, CR
First encounter: Four lizardfolk, two Kuo-toans. (CR 1-2)

Second encounter: Two lizardfolk, three Kuo-toans. (CR 1-2)

Faro: 600 XP
Eve: 1400 XP
Kael: 1400 XP
Gram: 1400 XP

Character Name: Gold/Items, description/amount
Faro: 600 GP
Eve: 1200 GP
Kael: 1200 GP
Gram: 1200 GP

Quest Summary:
There had been sightings of strange creatures in the harbor, and sewers themselves. The guards sent a patrol to investigate, then another…the first found nothing, the second never returned at all. Before invading en masse, the guards posted a notice to adventurers who wished to investigate on their behalf. The heroes went into the sewers, but became surrounded by Lizardfolk and Kuo-toans. By happenstance, they struck down the kuo-toans first, damaging them enough that the Lizardfolk retaliated and killed the remaining Kuo-toan. They explained that they were only serving the beasts because they had their hatchlings, eggs, and mates hostage. They entreated the heroes to return with them and kill the kuo toans, freeing them so that they might leave the city. They succeeded in this, and asked in return that one of the lizardfolk accompany them to explain the situation to the guards. As it turned out, the lizardfolk had been forced to kill the guards, who hadn't been so fortunate as to attack the kuo-toans first. The Kuo-toans are dead, but the Lizardfolk explained to both the heroes and the guards that there are -more- of their kind held prisoner in the sewer, but their masters are not Kuo-toans. Some -other- variety of water-breathing evildoer. Perhaps a follow-up is in order, sometime in the future…but for now, the guards thank the heroes and have it under control.

XP Awarded by Lisa