Shacklelock Guild

The Shacklelock Guild
In the Underdark, most of the rules go out the window, and the neogi-operated Shacklelock Guild is more than happy to exploit this fact. Adventurers who stray into the wrong place at the wrong time, surface-dwellers abducted from their homes, and prisoners from the many conflicts that almost constantly rock the lower reaches of Therafim are all rich sources of slaves for the neogi, and the source of their immense wealth.

This slaving guild acts much like the Brandbinders on the surface, acting as a connecting point between various Underdark slaving groups, except they are far less formal (many would say "less legal") about their efforts. Any slave that is brought to them will be gladly accepted with few questions asked. Because of this, neogi Shacklelock Guild outposts are Therafim's hubs for the darker side of slaving practices. While this brings in greater profits, it also means that they are regularly assaulted by other nations and races, as well as adventurers.

The Shacklelock Guild's lack of respect for the laws of other nations leads to its members being given few legal protections in their slaving activities. They are able to continue operations only with the assistance of their private armies of mind-controlled slaves, and through alliances with various interested parties that make use of their services. Because of this, while the neogi and other operatives of the Shacklelock Guild are often quite well-off, they are also only a hair's breadth away from death at any given moment.