Shadows in the Wood

Shadows in the Wood

DM Name: Scaly

Raydair, level 1, Elf Rogue. Card bridge
Larius, Level 1 Elapi Psychic Warrior, Habsburg Bridge, Vienna
Nerylos, Level 1 Xi-Coatl Ranger
Aeschwine, Level 2 Beastfolk Bearbarian
Zamiera, Level 3 Wolfen Druid
Serenity, Level 3 Human Wilder, The Tokyo Rainbow Bridge

9 Brigands, CR2 each
3 Brigand Archers, CR3 each
1 Raging Enhanced Owlbear, CR5

All characters recieve 1,650 Experience

Each Level one and two character recieved as spoils one masterwork weapon and mwtwk armor set of their choice, one least weapon augment crystal and one least armor augment crystal, 1500 gold.
Larius: Masterwork Breastplate, Masterwork Longsword with his choice of two Least Augment Crystals — one for armor, one for weapon
Nerylos: Composite Longbow +2 Str Draw, Masterwork Studded Leather w/ Least Crystal of Arrow Deflection, Masterwork Rapier w/ Least Crystal of Lifedrinking
Raydair: Masterwork Longbow w/ Least Demolition Crystal, Masterwork Chainshirt w/ Least Crystal of Arrow Deflection
Zamiera: Ring of Protection +1, Masterwork Bone Breastplate w/ Least Adaptation Crystal, and Masterwork Lashing Staff w/ Truedeath Crystal
Serenity: Cloak of Resistance +1 (Owlbear cloak), Masterwork Chainshirt w/ Least Iron Ward Diamond Crystal and Masterwork Dagger w/ Least Crystal of Return
Aeschwine: Cloak of Resistance +1 (Owlbear Cloak), Masterwork Greataxe w/Least Phoenix Ash Threat Crystal and Masterwork Chainmail w/ Least Iron Ward Diamond Crystal.

Character Name:
1,500 gold each.

Quest Summary:
Sent to the woods after responding to a cry for heroes from the City Watch, the party surveyed the great forest beyond Avalon that they were told was becoming home to roving monsters and bands of murderers and thieves.
They quickly approached one of the nearby campfires they could see from their initial lookout point, and soon found themselves in pitched mortal combat with a gang of very well equipped and tactically minded murderers. The party defeated them without too much of a problem, but then they heard the fearsome cry of a maddened owlbear, enraged with hunger. It had heard the battle, and was coming to get a piece for itself!
The party nearly lost two of their number, but in the end they were fully victorious, the owbear broken at their feet and a large smooth glowing stone spilled from its entrails. The druid Zamiera pondered at what this ill omen could mean.