Shrine Of The Dragon Gods

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Jean-Baptiste Robilar, level 1 human marshal
Raethoriel, level 1 elf shadowcaster
Kevarl, ECL 3 Izakar draconic sorcerer
Melanie, level 1 half-elf swordsage
Tristan Artan, level 1 human paladin
Raydair, level 3 rogue/cleric

2 dragonkin (CR 3 each, CR 5 total)
1 hoard scarab swarm (CR 5, awarded CR 3 experience and CR 5 treasure for avoidance)

450 xp for each

800 gp for each
Tristan - masterwork longsword
Raethoriel - masterwork composite longbow
Melanie - masterwork short sword
Jean-Baptiste - horn of healing - acts like wand of lesser vigor, 750 gp, 45 charges
Kevarl - pauldrons of agility (takes Shoulders slot) - +1 to Reflex saves, 500 gp
Raydair - holy symbol of Io chronocharm of the celestial wanderer - takes Neck slot, allows 1/day reroll of any one Listen or Spot check, 500 gp

Quest Summary:
The party were tipped off to the presence of a forgotten shrine of the dragons, where great stores of wealth had been laid for generations in the past, but was now left vacant. The party went there, but the doors of the place slammed shut, trapping them inside! The only indication of how to get out were indentations on the door in the shape of draconic talons, both for large and small draconic beings. The party then went further into the titanic shrine, entering a room with a golden scroll and many statues of dragonkin guardians. Two of these animated, and the party had to slay these defenders of the hoard. Kevarl then read the scroll, which filled him with fire and light and the blood of dragons (explanation for REP-purchased draconic abilities). The party then moved into the main hoard room, but were forced to flee with only a few special treasures, as the hoard scarabs there nearly devoured them.