Skeleton Splat

Quest Title: Skeleton Splat

DM Name: Nerylos

Length: ~2 hours.

Fei Yen, Warblade 3
Saera, Rogue 1
Killian, Cleric 3
Morius, Ardent 1
Miren, Bard 2
Zylos , Fighter 1

Locked Door, CR2
Skeleton Squad
4x CR 1/3
2x CR2
"Apprentices", Cultist Warlocks CR2

567 EXP for all, +50 for taking a prisoner, even useless = 617 exp.

434 GP for all.
A masterwork Weapon or Armor, as a gift from the estate owners, 450 gp max.

Called by one Lady Tillius to investigate the ongoing at her estate, our adventurers quickly found themselves lead to the back of the house, where a dry bloodtrail had sparked off an argument between the lady and her husband in days past. They bravely ventured to the basement, following said trail, only to find another locked door. In a surprising show of supreme craftsmanship, the Rogue Saera simply inserted her lockpicks and popped the lock. (With a 30 on her first try). The party then continues to smash everything in front of them as they were attacked by a squad of skeleton warriors, to which Killian responded with a potent blast of holy energy, downing the four lesser Skeletons and causing the stronger two to flee, clawing at their eyes. Interests piequed by the sudden rucked and clang of blades, the Wizard Tissius' thrall warlocks threw open the door to their office and attempted to hit the party with their Eldritch energies, but the party simply pounced on them and tore one to shreds, the second was first held and then knocked out for later questioning.
Upon leaving the estate they we're offered jars of fruit and a pickled ham each from the oh-so-nervous Paige who was sent to retrieve them, who managed to keep together the truth of what was happening in the basement of the house for a mere few moments before breaking down into sobs. He also had arranged a voucher for each of them, which might be slightly smudged by his tears, good for one Masterwork piece of Weapon or Armor, valued up to 450 gp.
The fate of the Wizard himself remains unknown.
The prisoner was found to be unintelligent, gibbering, reduced to some sort of state of insanity by who knows what. The City and Church's inquisitors attempted to question him, but his mind so far gone they found nothing of use and simply executed him.

Awarded by Jennibear