Slaver Queen Gul'lith pt. 1

DM Name: Nerylos

Session Length: 4 hrs.

Fei Yen, level 3 Warblade
Zylos, level 2 Fighter
Cecilia, Level 1 Wizard
Daein, level 1 Crusader
Myren, level 2 Bard
Saera, level 2 Rogue
Morius, level 1 Ardent

3 Strange Commoners with black Goo inside. CR 3 Each

400 for Everyone

Not awarded yet.

Venturing within the estate, the party proceeded with all due caution, first through a spooky gate, then through a spooky front door, where they found the "front office" of the slaver's estate as it was. It was abandoned, as the entire place was thought to be at the time possibly, the desk unattended and the spears for the guards at the front door gathering cobwebs and dust.
Heading through the second door, they found themselves in the trade hall of the Slaver's market itself. 90x40, it was ringed on all sides by 10'x 10' slave pens. It's assumed one would come here much like a petshop to purchase one of the Queen's exceptional Gladiator/Slaves. As the party moved on towards the third door, three strange shapes suddenly burst from the refuse choked stalls. Their bodies were weird and swelling and they attacked the party without a second thought. After rounds of Grueling combat and the Orc Ardent nearly going down, the party finally manged to fell all three of the strange beasts, thanks to some handywork by the one and only Overseer.
With their first foes of the decrepit palace slain, the party was left in a baffled state by what they had seen. The creatures appeared as living, but had a stange black goo inside that filled their wounds, pulling their skin back together and stitching it back to good-as-new before their eyes. Also the wounds leaked naphtha…autopsies showed their internal organs remained intact, although the black goo continued to cling to some of them.
Whats next for our heroes in this dungeon of corruption and torture? We'll find out soon…We'll, you will, I already know ;)

Ah, Avalon. City of Splendors, Architectural Wonders, Wares from around the world…and the occasional gang of slavers. You were approached by a Cleric of Yondalla and her small group of retainers, themselves seeking adventurers to to investigate around and possibly in the premises of the property of one Slaver Queen Gul'lith. A Drow by nature she was once one of the more prominent names in the Therafim underworld. Residing over one of the larger Slaver houses in Therafim's undercity, it is itself accompanied by a massive arena, where locals would congregate to witness the Drow's legendary Gladiator battles.
All of this, however, is not, in and of itself, why you we're approached. As she explained, The Slaver Queen apparently made some “shady business decisions,” all of this is rumor, of course, but the fact of the matter stands. The Slaver Queen's legendary Slave house is currently closed for business. Well, almost anyway. While The Gladatorial Fights ceased some weeks ago, the Arena is now defunct and the Slave Market within itself is closed, The Slaver Queen is still purchasing slaves.
Perhaps it's the Drow's nature, perhaps there's something more insidious at work, but rumors have begun to circulate the Slaver Queen went mad, and has been…doing things with the Slaves themselves. Known for their evil nature, of course Necromacy is what they really mean, but as for whats really going on, who knows.
Which brings us to the rub. Following the rumors of the Slaver Queen perhaps dabbling in the fell arts within her compound, The Church of Yondalla dispatched one of their stalwart Paladins, a Halfling himself, to investigate and make sure no atrocities we're being committed against the Dieties' patron race. The problem is…that was two days ago. While it's accepted his mission may have taken some time to complete, he has not checked in, been seen, and more discomforting yet, attempts to scry on his location simply turn up nothing.
As such, having accepted the request, perhaps for the promised compensation, perhaps to satisfy your own curiosity, perhaps because it's the right thing to you, you stand now a block away from the massive compound in the Middle Ward of the Undercity. A pair of hotels flank the street, one quite nice, the other looking more like it might cater to those too inebriated after a night at the fights to crawl home safely. Other amenities on the street include an all but abandoned cab stand, a bustling open-air cafe, and at the end, before the road and the compound lays are a pair of well-fortified guard stands, no doubt only ever manned to handle the crowds of drunken spectators. How you want to approach this is up to you. Good luck.

EXP awarded by Jennibear