Slaver Queen Gul'lith pt. 2

DM Name: Nerylos

Session Length: 3.5 hrs.

Fei Yen, level 3 Warblade
Zylos, level 2 Fighter
Cecilia, Level 1 Wizard
Daein, level 2 Crusader
Myren, level 2 Bard
Saera, level 2 Rogue
Morius, level 2 Ardent

Tattoo'd Trall Undead CR1/3 x16
Tattood Thrall Warrior Undead CR 1/2 x6

400 for Everyone

Not awarded yet.

Moving through the only door they could after defeating the strange goo-filled commoners, our party found themselves in the Slave Pens themseves, a massive room ringed by slave cells. The amount of old blood on the floor indicated perhaps this was once where the Gladiator Slaves trained indoors, and the party quickly realized the were not alone. In fact, the room was still occupied by a number of slaves, strange tattoos covering their bodies, that seemed incapable of communicating with them. Perhaps most curiously some of the salves were in their Gladatorial gear, armed with swords and wearing breastplates even when locked in their cells in the pitch black. Not feeling now would be the appropriate time to free the interred, they made for the next door leading into the compound, only to realize it was still locked as there was a sudden electrical >THUNK< and all the cells simultaneously unlocked at once.
The undead we're fast, and within seconds the party found themselves in combat, being swarmed over by the "slaves". As Daein cut them down with his amazing reflexes and spiked chain, the party made for the defensive, cutting down about a third of the Undead in the opening strokes of combat. Their luck waned slightly however, as the rest of the slower-to-react undead met their formation, and Cecilia, Fei and Saera we're all grievously wounded, Fei by an excellent shot. The smell of the slaves blood had, however, betrayed them, and while they did not take on the typical appearance of Undead, it was clear they in fact were. The Crafty Cleric/Rogue tumbled out of combat and let loose with her ability to turn undead, brandishing her holy symbol, causing 5 of the Creatures to collapse to the ground wailing, while light pouring from their eyes as some diefic power drained them of the fell energies holding them in a state of un-life.
Thanks to some shrewd swordwork on the behalf of the party, as well as Cecilia's uncanny aim with her crossbow, the remaining undead we're in fact ground down to lifeless hulks, but not without a price, as Daein and Fae continued to spill lifeblood to the creature's assault.
Only 2 rooms into the compound of the Slaver Queen, the party has already been faced with life-threatening horror. What could possibly be behind the locked door they now need to finnagle into opening?

EXP awarded by Jennibear