Slaver Queen Gul'lith pt. 4

DM Name: Nerylos

Session Length: 3 hrs.

Fei Yen, level 5 Warblade
Zylos, level 4 Fighter
Cecilia, Level 2 Wizard
Daein, level 2 Crusader
Morius, level 4 Ardent
Saera, level 2 Rogue

4 Crypt Spiders, CR3

Level 2: 600
Level 4: 540
Level 5: 500

The party resumed in their search for the missing dwarf paladin, searching the room they left off in, and finding whomever had been working here had left tons of body parts in the cells, rigged to the blue vat flued, keeping them alive and from rotting in a state of undead. They also tossed his desk and found journals and tons of loose papers, all covered in some sort of strange, 4 line language, which is apparently written by making gaps in the lines themselves. Creepy.
After stopping to rest at the nearby inn, Zylos smashed the lock off the door towards the arena, where inside they found four spiders, retreating from their light. After some debate, the party began moving into the chamber, which was webbed on all four sides with numerous corpses webbed into the walls. Underfoot unseen bones crunch and cracked as they moved into the chamber, causing the spiders to hiss, and eventually attack. The fight was not the toughest they've faced, but some of the members walked away from it missing 10 or more HP, a decent amount to a level 2 indeed.

EXp awarded by Jennibear