Slaver Queen Gul'lith pt. 5

DM Name: Nerylos

Session Length: Only 2 hrs!

Fei Yen, level 6 Warblade
Zylos, level 6 Fighter
Cecilia, Level 2 Wizard
Daein, level 3 Crusader
Morius, level 4 Ardent
Saera, level 3 Rogue
Miren, Level 3 Bard

2 Half-Undead Human Gladiators, CR5 ea.

Level 2+3: 525
Level 4: 475
Level 6: 350

One more session before they get a break and paid ^^;.

The party continued down the hall they found the spiders in, and arrived at a portcullis gate with a turning wheel to open. Finally deciding the area wasn't trapped, they opened the with the wheel and made their way into the arena. As they walked in they found it to be a massive place, seating rising on all sides, and themselves in a 3' deep fenced pit some 6-' in diameter. The Circle was ringed with corpses, but two suddenly stood! The pair of warriors attacked the group, but in the end were no match for the parties know-how and major melee dominance. Despite Overseer's best attempts to keep the creatures alive, they in the end eventually fell, after perhaps giving a couple vague hints about what may or may not wait for them.
After the creatures fell, the party searched the arena, to find the flesh eaten off of all the corpses. While half-undead need not eat, it seems something had been feeding their unquenchable desire for the taste of human flesh. All that remains is the locked door the party found earlier…they'll have to see whats inside in Part 6!

EXP awarded by Jennibear