Slaver Queen Gul'lith pt. 6

DM Name: Nerylos

Session Length: A little over 3 hours

Fei Yen, level 6 Warblade
Zylos, level 6 Fighter
Cecilia, Level 3 Wizard
Daein, level 3 Crusader
Morius, level 4 Ardent
Saera, level 3 Rogue
Miren, Level 3 Bard

1 "Steam Golem" CR7

Level 6: 1450
Level 4: 1750
Level 3: 2000
Note: Bonus XP awarded for completing a 6 encounter chain

Fei Yen 3000gp
Zylos 3000gp
Cecilia 3000gp
Daein 3000gp
Morius 3000gp
Saera 2600gp
Miren 2200gp

1 Magic Item 3000gp limit.
1 Chronocharm MiC p85
1 Weapon Crystal 1000gp Limit MiC p64
1 Armor Crystal 1000gp Limit MiC p24
Please post in the discussion what you decide.

The party made their way into the final chamber of the upper level of the Slaver Queen's house, where they found a large storage area and the properties meager slave-kitchen. They also found a large elevator shaft, gated off, dropping off into nothingness. Moving carefully into the room over a series of turns, they eventually moved close enough to the far wall to illuminate the outline of a massive steam golem. The party quickly and wisely took defensive positions, and the Goelm eventually attempted to charge into them after a majority of the party managed to spring into action first. Unfortunately, Daein made a massive trip attempt against the Steam powered beast as it charged within range of his chain, and the party began pounding it to bits. Even as it tried to rise Cecilia again hit it with another trip thanks to a modified mage hand spell (which I actually rolled with the proper mods…and he still failed). As a last ditch attempt the Golem vented a massive amount of steam from it's chassis, creating a Obscuring Mist effect around it…but it was all in vain. The party simply pummeled it into oblivion, it only managing to rise at the end to toss Zylos through the air, where he landed painfully before collapsing.
As the party looked over their sizable victory…there was suddenly the sound of explosions within the Elevator shaft…growing closer and closer as the shaft began to implode from within. They wisely chose to flee as the ground around the shaft begin to come lose and collapse within, making it just clear as a final explosion rocked the chamber they had vacated…deafening them, and choking them in thick smoke and dust.
As the smoke cleared the party was left to look on at the situation…the entire floor of the room they had fled now looking like a sinkhole, and one of the external walls also collapsing…even party of the yard outside had sunk into the ground as the shaft imploded.
They made their way back to the temple of Yondella, where the Clerics gladly offered them compensation, and informed them they had hired one of the finest Dwarf mining and excavation guilds in the city to see about shoring up the now comprimised architecture and once again clearing a path to whatever may be at the bottom of the shaft.
Their quest to find the Halfling Paladin is yet unfulfilled…

XP and Rep Awarded by teh Lisa