the Cave of Dez

Quest: the Cave of Dez

DM: Ravensfaire


CR416 Level 1 barbarian Warforged
Alizar Glasswing Level 2 Scout/Ranger Avariel
Zhelen Level 2 Hexblade Human
Miro Level 2 Bard Aasimar


3 CR 1 traps
2 CR 2 Rogues
1 CR 2 Fighter

Experience (extra 100 granted for finding a diplomatic solution):

CR416 - 775
Alizar - 775
Zhelen - 775
Miro - 775


802 Gold for all.


the party was summoned by Cairus, a member of the city guard of Avalon, to investigate a possible smuggling operation taking place on one of the shores near Avalon. Upon investigation the pirates appeared to have left leaving behind no cargo. the group did happen upon a few traps which Alizar cleverly discovered and managed to disarm… Sort of… they also encountered a pair of rogues who were looking to make off with some of the pirates' stash to sell for their own purposes, killing one before they realized the rogues weren't their true enemies. Further into the cave they discovered Dez, a pirate who didn't really wish to remain a pirate anymore and through the diplomacies of Miro and the silver tongued Zhelen managed to convince her to aid them in their cause, befriending the warrior woman and taking her back to Avalon with them to provide information for the guard, after giving her beer of course. In doing so the party agreed to give up a hundred pieces of their promised gold. Dez also led the party to a coded scroll bearing a seal of a scimitar in a circle which was then brought back to the city guard as well.

XP and REP awarded by Hopey