Snakes on a Glade

Snakes on a Glade

DM Name: Karrius

Zander, Beastfolk Ranger 2
Gregor Serebry, Human Marshal 2
Rallon, Halfling Wizard 2
Dusky Scout/Ranger 2
Zahara, Beastfolk Healer 2

1x Dire Hummingbird Swarm, CR 3

2x Assassin Vines, CR 3

1x Nectar, Druid 3, CR 3
3x Medium Viper, CR 1

All: 900 XP

All: 1000 gp, potion of Lesser Restoration
Marshal Serebry: Half-empty bottle of steak sauce

Quest Summary:

The group was hired by the "famous dragon hunter" Grimyip, who claimed that a green dragon was attacking a group of fairies, and he had been hired to slay it. Handing the group an Oil of Dragonfinding, they headed off to the faerie grove. Once there, they found it strangely quiet, the forest devoid of life… until a dire hummingbird swarm descended upon them. Defeating the killer birds and pressing on, the group was then ambushed by assassin vines, Marshal Serebry and Grimyip being constricted and squeezed against trees. The group managed to slash the vines apart, but not before Grimyip fell unconscious. Healing their wounds, they pressed forward into a grove of flowers, finding a shapeshifter named Nectar who claimed ownership of the grove. Nectar claimed she was the owner of the grove, being a child the fey had changed with a human one. Refusing to listen to diplomacy, she fought the group, along with three of her giant snakes. Through courage and skill, they managed to defeat her and the snakes, taking her as a prisoner to hopefully be redeemed within the walls of Avalon.

XP and Rep Awarded by Lisa