Something stinks here..

Something Stinks here

DM Name: Faithen

Tirzah Selah level 5 human bard
Nox Knight/Fighter level 4 Beastfolk
Kael Cleric level 4 Beastfolk Wolf
Sihak Barbarian level 3 Beastfolk wolf

2x Zombie bugbear CR3
9x 4hd Human zombies CR2
1x Rotreaver CR 7


Tirzah Selah 2250xp
Nox 2550xp
Kael 2550xp
Sihak 2700xp

Tirzah Selah, 2325 GP Chime of Harmonic Agony
Nox, 7325 GP, Noble Pennon(sold, at market price), Armbands of Elusive Action
Kael, 2325 GP, amber amulet of Vermin (giant Wasp), Orb of Enviromental adaption
Sihak, 2325 GP Acrobat boots, boots of Stomping, and Shackles of Silence

Quest Summary:
The party was hired by a lord who had recently bought an abandoned bit of property out on the fringes of the Avalon to clear out the property, he had sent several cleaners to simply clear the place out, but that was weeks ago and they had not returned.

The terms were simple, the party was allowed to loot what ever there was in a matter of compensation.

on enterting the house, it was clear that undead had taken residence in the house, which the party cleared out rather handily, though not without trial. the source of the undead was a sort of abberation.. not undead itself it simply created them. the two axe weilding creature attacked the party after it had cleared out the undead.. and was vanquished. finding the basement unlocked, they uncovered a sizable cache of gold and magical items for them to divide

EXP awarded by Jennibear