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DM Name: Theron/ScalyBrian

Sentrosi, Level 1, Human, Sorcerer
Lillith, duskblade level 2 human
Abby, Lvl 3, Halfling, Psion
Mordred, Level 3 Human Sorcerer1/Cleric2

Rotted Roof "trap" CR1
Collapsing Building "trap" CR2
Sahuagin Oracle (Druid) CR5
2 Sahuagin Raiders CR2 each
12 Sahuagin Assailants CR.5 each

1000 xp each, regardless of level.

800 GP

Quest Summary:
The members of the Party each recieve a letter at their place of residence or rented rooms. Each letter carries an unbroken wax seal bearing the reptilian eye-coin of The Commerce Guild. Upon opening, it reads in flowing script:
"Greetings, Adventurer. I am in need of skilled agents to recover stolen goods from a warehouse recently secured against a Sahuagin threat from the sea. The location is known and close by to the city of Avalon. Since the Sahuagin involved have proven a threat to the city as well in the past, I am pleased to say that with the patronage of the City Guard you would be richly compensated for a job well done. If I have caught your interest, please meet with me at the height of mid-day at the Commerce Guild Consulate in the Trade District."
~~~Lady Elani Silkscale.

The party followed the given map through the brackish marsh surrounding the former pirate cove, and find the Sahuagin village right where they were told it would be. The party arrived in the middle of a celebration of sorts; all of the Sahuagin appeared to be in an induced torpid stupor of some sort, their drum play erratic and their guards very lax. After spotting several human bodies slow roasting around a bonfire the party made their way to the long half sunken building that Elani told them housed the goods. The doors unuseable, they noted a door cut into the roof and Abby made her way to it as everyone dodged a guard walking within feet of them. Abby then raised the alarm by falling through the roof and landing among three very surprised Sahuagin. Battle was joined and the village began to rouse itself. The rest of the party came to Abby's aid, while Mordred remained on the roof to keep more from joining. As the party cut down the two raiders and the Oracle within to gain their prize of Commerce Guild crates, Mordred cut the answering battle party in half with a single spell, nauseating most of them. As Abby blew a hole out of the building, its structure finally had enough as over a dozen Sahuagin closed in on Mordred. Their certainly fatal charge was halted by the complete and utter collapse of the building as the party bolted through the escape hole.

Mordred rode the wreckage to the ground, taking a minor cut in the process but hitting the ground running. The party disappeared back into the marshes with the sound of enraged fishy voices calling after them into the darkness, the sounds slowly fading along with the beat of drums as they returned to real civilization.