Speakeasy Runaway

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Roka, level 2 foxkin ranger
Syan Windpaw, level 3 wolfen rogue/fighter
Mordred Alstrein, level 3 human sorcerer/cleric
Neysa Conri, level 2 ovida druid
Rinji Aleaneldth, level 1 elf wizard

1 level 1 human soul knife "Cutter"
1 level 1 changeling rogue "Mischief"
1 level 1 orc barbarian "Grog"
1 level 1 human fighter "Malice"
1 level 2 dwarven monk "Christopher Silverteeth"
Total CR: 5

1 level 3 hobgoblin fighter/rogue "Hostile Louie" (CR 4)

630 xp for each

840 gp for each
A Masterwork weapon or piece of Medium or Light armor for each participant, of their choice, as a special favor from Fat Sam for saving his favorite singer.

Quest Summary:
The party was hired to investigate the dissappearance of Bertha Andretti (who, despite her name, is actually a knockout for looks), who was last seen with Fat Sam Morton, a small-time, ginger-furred catfolk gangster known for hanging out at the Fat Cat Club and Casino, a speakeasy of some mid-level repute. The party worked their way into the club through the back entrance, and found a show going on, with lots of noise while twin catgirls stripped on stage. Fat Sam sent them to Bertha's dressing room (she was now known as Tallulah Millions, her stage name), where she was supposed to be getting ready for a performance, as she'd begun working for Fat Sam as a singer. However, she was in the middle of being kidnapped when the party burst into the door! While the party was battling their way through the thugs of Hostile Louie, a rival of Fat Sam's, Louie grabbed Tallulah and tried to make a getaway, only to be cornered by the party and hacked down in the streets, saving the girl.