Special Delivery It S A Trap

Special Delivery: It's a Trap!

DM Name: Theron/ScalyBrian supervised by Dahlia and others.

Kaegren Thane, Human Psion3
Tialys, Elven Sorcerer2
Kiran, Swordsage 2/Duskblade 1
Dawn Firestarter pantheri Rogue2
Dahlia, Human Paladin 4
Alieena Darkcast, level 4 half elf wizard

1 Hobgoblin Captain, Fighter4
1 Hobgoblin Chaplain, Cleric4
4 Hobgoblin Skirmishers, Fighter1
5 Hobgoblin Marksmen, Fighter1

850 for level 4 chars, 900 for all others.

850 gold pieces each

Quest Summary:
A number of adventurers responded to an advertisement for mercenaries in the name of the Commerce Guild. They went to the appointed place at the time given and met with an unnamed Elapi member of the guild accompanied by two city guards. The Elapi explained that the Commerce Guild had experienced recent difficulty in their operations; a great number of their couriers and caravans had been waylaid in the local area, their agents killed and the gold or goods stolen. The party was expected to board a large covered wagon that had been advertised by the Commerce Guild to carry a great amount of wealth in hopes of luring out the brigands.

The party played along and soon found themselves in a classic ambush setting at the hands of a well trained hobgoblin warband lend by an experienced fighter and cleric. The party held off the hobgoblin footmen and archers, giving the hobgoblin captain time to empower himself at the hands of the cleric. Soon after battle was joined the massive warrior waded into the fight and singled out Dahlia as the first to die. It soon became a race between the party to cut him down before he killed any of them. The cleric was soon injured enough to drive her from the field and with her went the Captain's advantages. Though he nearly broke the party he fell dead on the same road he had looked to use as a means to line his pockets with gold. The party took their trophies of ears and presented them to the grateful Commerce Guild snake for a hefty bounty.