Sphinx S Sacrifice

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Jasper, level 4 ratkin scout
Colt, level 5 equitra fighter
Neysa, level 4 ovida druid
Seren Arc, level 2 human sorcerer
Raydair, level 5 elf rogue/cleric

1 hieracosphinx (CR 5)
2 hieracosphinxes (CR 7 total)

Seren Arc: 1,080 xp
Jasper and Neysa: 960 xp for each
Colt and Raydair: 900 xp for each

1,260 go for each.
1 boon from the gynosphinx for each party member (those chosen are listed below)

  • Neysa got a charm to keep her wool clean (use activated, 1,800 gp)
  • Raydair got access to the village's wine reserves, and those of their neighbors, so that he has a lifelong supply of wine.
  • Jasper got an Atlas of Endless Paths (4,752 gp value)

Colt and Seren are still deciding.

Quest Summary:
The party was approached while on vacation on the sunny coast of Dukeras, soaking in some rays, by Madua, the matron of a village on the rockier part of the coast. They had been forced by a sphinx living nearby, who had previous been a good neightbor, to give her a girl a year as a sacrifice (the first year's sacrifice was named Velus). This is the second time she's made this demand, and this time it was Madua's daughter, Ovelia. The party went to the island where the gynosphinx was living, and began to ascend the rocky cliffs towards the ruined castle where the sphinx was staying, only to be assaulted by a hieracosphinx on the way up. Defeating that, the party then ascended into the castle. There they discovered two more hieracosphinxes, who were forcing the gynosphinx to get them human playthings so as to keep them from trying to rape her - though they planned to do this anyway, eventually. The party bested them in combat, however, after cleverly getting the girls out of the way through a quick ruse. When the party had won, the gynosphinx offered each of the party members a boon of their choice, in exhange for them allowing her to regain her honor, which was tarnished by her dealing with the hieracosphinxes to save herself.

The town and the gynosphinx then, at Raydair's urging, met and negotiated terms of mutual defense, so that something like this would never happen again.