Srizkin's Plight

DM: Shelindria


Jereck - 4th level Cleric/Wizard
Karyn - 5th level Cleric/wizard
Naeyla - 5th level Swashbuckler/Rogue
Red Bear - 4th level Druid
Stray - 3rd Level Cleric


Band of Kobolds (19)
Kobold Leader (1) CR 3

XP Awarded:

1500 each
(1380 for encounters and 120 for getting Srizkin to safety)

Gold Awarded:

1000 gp each

Quest Summary:

The Towncriers in Avalon began making announcements that Adventurers were needed to put a stop to what ever was outside the city that had wounded a paladin. Those interested were to meet on the steps of the Temple of Sin. Our adventureres didn't learn much about the task before them, as the Magistrate just handed them a map and fled the scene quicky with no other explanation than to say that the map would take them where they needed to be. Even with the lack of information or knowledge of what they would face, the group headed out to find that the map led to an abandoned outpost outside the city, the only problem was that the outpost was no longer abandoned. It had been taken over by a band of Kobolds that seemed to be trying to get into the outpost itself. With no warning, the Druid charged into the camp of the kobolds drawing their attention, while one of the Clerics crushed 4 of the kobolds with heavy stones at the same time. Surprised and unfocused, the Kobolds began attacking chaotically. Turning his attention from the door, the Leader casts a spell that burned the Druid and a few of the kobolds as well. After being completely beaten by the group, a few of the Kobolds fled in fear. The Adventurers found a cowering Kobold named Srizkin inside the outpost structure. He had magically barracaded himself inside to keep the other kobolds out. Once he saw that the group were not Kobolds, he began to talk to them, telling them he had hidden because his friend had told him to. His friend was the injured Paladin in the city and he asked if they would take him to his friend. The Kobold carried a sealed box with him but did not know what was inside. He had been told to hide and keep the box safe. Upon arriving back in the city and getting Srizkin to the Paladin, the adventureres found out that the Paladin had been sent to retrieve an item from a band of Kobolds, but found a Half Dragon Sorcerer was there as well. He had gotten what he came for but could not escape the kobolds and the Half Dragon Sorcerer. He gave the box to Srizkin and told him to hide with it untill he got back or sent help. Inside the Box was a tome that would imbue its reader with great power. The paladin explained it was a relic from his temple and could not abide it being in the hands of Evil. So he sought to return it. As the paladin explained he grew weary and asked for rest, leaving the Adventures to collect their rewards for its return.